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Is the Russian Economy on the Verge of Collapse?

Ukraine Conflict: Germany and France Boost Military Aid as Russia Ramps Up War Spending

The Kubera Principle

The Kubera Principle

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Putin’s Escalating War Spending

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Russia has significantly increased its war spending, now accounting for 3/5 of its federal budget. According to Bloomberg, the Kremlin’s war spending will increase by 43% from the officially planned amount, reaching $65 billion out of $143 billion allotted for the maintenance of the power bloc of the Russian Federation. However, this amount is inadequate considering that, according to Forbes, every month of “denazification of Ukraine” costs the Kremlin $12 billion, making the estimated cost for combat operations alone $144 billion. This does not include the recovery of losses of military equipment, the production of new missiles, and other expenses. Moreover, the gap between official and real expenses is often financed from secret articles of the Russian budget, which in total make up 25%, or $95 billion. Most of these billions will be spent on cells. Therefore, the total check for “national defense” is difficult to calculate mathematically, but it cannot be less than $222 billion, which includes only financing the basic needs of a totalitarian state: warfare and maintenance. As a result, many publications predict the collapse of the Russian economy, with the Wall Street Journal noting that “Moscow will be much more closed and overly dependent on China” in the long run. The United States supports the creation of a tribunal for Russian war criminals and is considering locating the court in Europe for the duration of the war to strengthen Ukraine’s European orientation and the international legitimacy of such an institution. Germany also plans to increase military assistance to Ukraine from 3 to 15 billion euros in the coming years.

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Meanwhile, Russian troops continue to shell civilian targets, such as the regional hospital in Kherson, causing injuries to five people. Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky, the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, reveals that Ukraine aims to wear down and inflict heavy casualties on Russian troops trying to capture Bakhmut. Poland has also promised new sanctions against Belarus due to Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory. Recently, Patrushev of Russia has made revelations about a unique weapon that Russia can use to destroy any enemy, including the United States, at any time. However, this is likely intended for Putin’s subjects, as the world is not afraid due to past experiences with Nazi propagandists who clogged the brains of German citizens with fairy tales and hopes for the Wunderwaffe. While the citizens of Putin’s Reich are being lulled into believing in a miracle weapon, Germany and France are providing tangible military assistance to Ukraine.


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