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Threat to Putin’s Regime: Military Personnel Potentially Silencing Dictator Permanently

Growing Concerns for Putin's Regime: Doppelganger's Inadequacy Poses a Threat

Incompetent Doppelganger Jeopardizing Putin’s Operation

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According to a report by Foreign Policy, Ukraine had planned to launch an offensive in April, but postponed it indefinitely due to a shortage of weapons. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan has significantly increased its oil exports, bypassing Russia, as per analysts’ data reported by Reuters. The primary route for transporting Kazakh oil bypassing Russia goes through Azerbaijan. In the first quarter of 2023, oil deliveries from the Aktau port on the Caspian Sea to Baku increased by almost six times compared to last year, amounting to 163,436 tons. Another 104,000 tons of oil were shipped via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. In another development, it has been alleged by Yevgeny Prigozhin that Nikolai Peskov, the son of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov aka The Kremlin goatherd, served as an ordinary artilleryman in the Wagner private military company. According to Prigozhin, Dmitry Peskov, who was once known for his liberal views, sent his son to fight as a simple artilleryman. On Thursday, Vladimir Putin held two virtual meetings with representatives of the military and power blocs. The first, with the Council for the Development of Local Self-Government, was conducted via videoconference, led by an individual resembling Putin. Rich TVX News Network faced skepticism from Avv. Catania Francesco when it first reported that Vladimir Putin utilizes a body double, as seen in his video podcast. The apparent anomalies in Putin’s behavior have become too conspicuous even for the staunchest skeptics to ignore. However, our concern lies not in the opinions of skeptics, but rather in the potential consequences of the situation.The second meeting with Mikhail Kotyukov was pre-recorded and not concealed. Putin, who is facing declining health, is trying to follow the advice of his physicians by resting more and avoiding exertion, though the stress of his position cannot be ignored. As previously reported, there are growing concerns among the immediate surroundings of Vladimir Putin due to the inadequacy of his doppelganger on duty. The fear is that this individual’s incompetence could potentially jeopardize the operation, thereby posing a threat to Putin’s regime.

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Although there is currently no perceived threat from the oligarchs, who are considered to be ineffective, there is a legitimate concern that someone within the military could take drastic measures to silence the dictator permanently. During the meeting with the military leadership, Putin heard a report on the current state of affairs at the front and reminded them of their commitment to “liberate” Artemovsk (Bakhmut) by May 1. Although the military leadership confirmed their promise, Putin expressed doubt and issued threats, ending the meeting on an unpleasant note. Subsequent events later that evening, however, showed that Putin’s frustration with the military leadership was warranted. When informed of the accidental bombing of Belgorod by a Russian military aircraft, Putin was initially speechless for over a minute. He then spent at least ten minutes expressing his dissatisfaction to the military leadership in contact with him, sometimes using vulgar language. Only after being assured that there were no casualties or fatalities did the Russian President calm down and order truthful reporting of the incident. The claim that there were no casualties is as believable as the existence of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Despite his doctors’ orders to rest, the military saboteurs are preventing Putin from doing so. Unable to assassinate a foreign leader, they are instead torturing their own. The Russian defence ministry confirmed that one of its Su-34 fighter bombers had “accidentally discharged aircraft ordnance,” causing significant damage to several buildings and leaving a 60ft crater. Three people were injured, and authorities evacuated a nine-story block of flats as a precaution. The bomb landed at an intersection of two roads near residential buildings, highlighting the potential for more devastating consequences.

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