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Putin’s Health and Use of Double Spark Worries Over Leadership Capabilities

Uncertainty Surrounds Putin's Participation in 'Direct Line' Following Nervous Breakdown and Use of Double

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Putin Suffers Nervous Breakdown

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Putin and his inner circle were convinced that they had a unique opportunity to rewrite world history and seek retribution for the USSR’s defeat. They believed that the United States would back down under nuclear coercion, just as Chamberlain had surrendered Czechoslovakia and Obama had backed down on Syria. To that end, the Kremlin had demanded that NATO countries evacuate immediately, warning of unprecedented catastrophes if they refused. The Battle of Gostomel in February 2022 proved to be a pivotal moment. Had Kiev fallen and Putin brandished a nuclear weapon on the borders of the Baltics and Poland, the West could have crumbled, allowing Putin’s plans to succeed. However, the tide turned against Putin, and his vision of a victorious Russia was shattered. The description of the Russian deputy minister acting as the self-proclaimed “Lord of the World” is a troubling indication of the mentality of Putin’s inner circle. Their irrational plans could have had catastrophic consequences for the world. It is essential to remain vigilant and continue monitoring the actions of Putin and his allies.

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Per sources, an announcement has been made regarding a “direct line” with Vladimir Putin, set for June 8th. However, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has been ambiguous in confirming the exact date, implying uncertainty surrounding the announcement. Putin’s attendance is dependent on his health as his well-being is reportedly a cause for concern. Having undergone two therapies this year that proved ineffective, physicians have altered Putin’s treatment strategy. He is now primarily under medical supervision and trying to avoid undue stress related to his duties as head of state. Over the past four days, a double has substituted for Putin at events that require his presence, but the substitution has not been ideal. It is unclear whether this episode was a side effect of the new drugs or another factor, but it raises questions about Putin’s ability to participate in the “direct line” event. Russian citizens may not be inclined to continue supporting the regime, particularly if a double is used, as Putin claims that the replacement has been under considerable strain lately. It remains to be seen whether Putin will participate on June 8th, or if he will simply offer congratulations to citizens on the upcoming new year.


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