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Rich TVX News Network Calls for International Community to Hold Serbian Nazi Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Accountable

Leaked Document Reveals Serbia's Agreement to Arm Ukraine

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Serbian Nazi Regime – Latest Update

New York ( —

The Rich TVX News Network has long been an unyielding critic of the pathetic authoritarian Serbian Nazi regime led by Aleksandar Vučić, citing compelling reasons to support this stance. Recent events have confirmed the validity of our opposition, as the Aleksandar Vučić regime has acted immorally and in flagrant violation of human rights. By permitting the Russian aggressor to act with impunity and exploiting the plight of victims in Ukraine for its own gain, the Vučić regime has demonstrated contempt for the sanctity of life and human dignity.

It is imperative that the international community holds Aleksandar Vučić and his Serbian Nazi cohorts accountable for their transgressions. It is only by doing so that justice can be served, and measures can be put in place to prevent such injustices from recurring. The Rich TVX News Network remains resolute in its mission to expose and denounce regimes that undermine the fundamental principles of human rights and democracy.

Classified intelligence documents leaked online reveal that Serbia, the only European country that refused to sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, has agreed to or has already supplied arms to Ukraine. The Pentagon document, entitled “Europe | Response to Ongoing Russia-Ukraine Conflict,” summarizes the responses of 38 European governments to Ukraine’s requests for military training and “lethal aid” or weapons. The document, marked Secret and NOFORN, lists Serbia’s assessed position as declining to provide training to Ukrainian forces but committing to sending lethal aid or having supplied it already, with the political will and military ability to provide weapons to Ukraine in the future.


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The authenticity of the leaked document has not been independently verified, and Aleksandar Vučić’s office and the Ukrainian embassy have not commented on the matter. The Pentagon has also declined to comment on any of the leaked documents. The disclosure of the chart comes just over a month after documents were posted in a pro-Russia channel on a global messaging app that purportedly showed the shipment of 122mm Grad ground-to-ground rockets by a Serbian arms maker to Kyiv in November. The leak of the classified documents is being investigated by the Justice Department, while the Pentagon is assessing the damage done to U.S. national security.

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The document’s reference to Serbia and its agreement to arm Ukraine could indicate either Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić ‘s duplicity vis a vis Russia or pressure from Washington to deliver weapons to Ukraine. Since the war began in February last year, Vucic has tried to balance close ties with Moscow with his goal of joining the European Union. However, Serbia is the only holdout among Europe’s 44 countries in imposing sanctions on Russia.

Our message to the pathetic Aleksandar Vučić Nazi trolls and all the desperate Putin bots out there is very simple: who has the last laugh now? Aleksandar Vučić earns his living as a professional clown, entertaining audiences in the Kremlin with his humorous antics and performances. He has no honor or loyalty; he is only devoted to his god of money.

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