The Joe Cozzo Show – Joe Biden's Ministry Of Truth 7/16/21

It’s time Americans realize that communism is knocking at our door. Democrats and the Biden administration are trying to control our every move, and if we allow it, the America we once knew is over.

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  • Not one step back

  • It’s unbelievable I don’t know what the hell we’re going to do.

  • This is the last chance for us to save America, if we lost America, we will lose our freedom forever!

  • Shame on Barr!

  • United we are praying for freedom and the Audits! The bio-war needs to end! Never surrender! God is in our side🇺🇸

  • Do they mind if I break wind? Lol. Or are they gonna accuse me of killing people if I do?? Lol! 😂😆🤣😄

  • God Bless President Trump and his Administration, 🙏
    What I'm typing here I normally don't open up with.
    Mr. Cozzo, sir. If it helps at all.. 🙄 At times, I listen to a song that's hard to listen to because of what I recall inside Straight Incorporated.
    I'm a survivor of that warehouse during the "Just Say No" era (Former First Lady Mrs. Nancy Reagan).
    The song is titled:
    🎼🎤🎵🎶 "Wallflower"
    Made famous by:
    Mr. Peter Gabriel
    This song was spot on for what I recall 30 years ago.
    I cry when I listen to it remembering all I endured.
    God has kept me safe and alive even though my family is scattered about America. 😕
    Since 1990, Straight separated my family.
    On a daily basis I live without seeing my daughter, sister or mother.
    We talk periodically, but it's not the same.
    I lost my dad in June of 2000. He was 80 years old then.
    I saw my sister last (I have only 1 sister, no brothers) in the summer of 2012. She resides in Austin, Texas.
    Fast Forward 2020..
    Our Governor is after my husband, her office claims he owes 900 dollars since last spring! 😲
    She locked down the state, not only that, we kept telling them he gets paid bi-weekly.
    Someone there cannot do math worth a hill of beans! 😡
    Over and over, time and again, asking for food stamps? We don't qualify. He made 5 cents more per hour. BAM! Cut off.
    I'm on a fixed income
    Not our fault she made everyone stay home, and, she wants interest on top of it!?!
    We have given proof in the mail, proof by email, proof online.
    Do we have to physically drive to Lansing to show her his W-2 forms?
    They call him now too and threaten him.
    When will this stop?😭
    Thank you for posting.
    Inside Flat Rock, Michigan
    USA 🇺🇸
    I'm about to tell these ruthless people we moved to Guam.
    "Nothing is going on in Guam, sir, why Guam?" – Quote from the movie:
    "Good Morning, Vietnam"
    Oh, and btw..
    His father passed away in 2011, his mom in 2009. And they keep hurting him with these papers they send.
    I'm all he's got!
    Husband and wife since 2010.
    I take care of him and he takes care of me.
    Thank you for reading. 📚
    Have a blessed evening.

  • They just helped Trump win his lawsuit lol 😂😆. They are commies who are not very smart people. Harris didn't even know that Fredrick Douglass was Republican lol 😂

  • Mr. Salty called her Jen Nut-psaki. 🤣

  • Mustered and a pickle… no cheese

  • Good thing I didn't believe the Lancet report that they touted as factual. Still waiting for the science that masks work.

  • We The People!

  • OMG!!! The Administration genuinely appears to want to start a government propaganda channel, basically exactly like Russia or China, or Cuba, or North Korea. And to most likely seek out, and prosecute anyone who disagrees. That IS NOT freedom of speech!!! Talk about over-reach!!

  • The medical community is a health hazard to humans. Let go functional medicine! More reliable!
    I’ll educate myself and decide!

  • I dont listen to raggedy jen.

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