Times Square Alliance hosts 14th annual ‘Good Riddance Day’ celebration

New York City residents are airing out their grievances with 2020 as they participate in Time Square’s 14th annual ‘Good Riddance Day.’ One America’s Jacob Miller has more.

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  • A car only has rearview mirrors (aka mirrors), except Gavin‘s favorite the vanity.

  • Everyone needs to stop being afraid of your state gov. And do life again. They are supposed to be afraid of the people. But they punked you if you have changed how you live because they told you to.

  • Trump ❤️🇺🇸💙 2020… Best Man For The Job… @JoeBiden A 🤥🤡 And @KamalaHarris A 🤥👹… LOSERS… WHERE’S HUNTER Follow The Money… 🤥 @BarackObama …

  • There are 133 Million registered voters in the USA.
    In 2020, Trump received 74 Million of their votes.
    Even if every single registered voter voted, that leaves only 59 Million votes for Biden.

  • America is fk☆ until real people start waking up

  • What a joke!

  • If NYC residents care anything for their city, they'll stand with the PD and find a way to remove the bureaucrats destroying it. Come January 5 and 6, a lot will be determined.

  • LOL! Just remembering that Seinfeld episode, where its "Happy Festivus."and Frank Castanza sits at the dinner table and has the "airing of grievances. "😆

  • Gates n Fauci gona F up 2021 too

  • Yeah, I'm way more invested in what happens Jan 6th, not Jan 1st. STOP THE STEAL!

  • 2021 will be worse.

  • You Yankees in N.Y. voted those pos's in or they committed fraud to get in, which is it?

  • Tyrants are what I want to leave in 2020

  • Well according to Joe Biden, we haven't even seen the darkest period of the Covid pandemic yet. Fasten your seatbelts, here we go…….again.

  • I don't know what you're wishing for but it is going to be no different between yesterday and tomorrow until evil is gone

  • Luke Letlow & Herman Cain went into the witness protection system!

  • So this is okay… but dining out is deadly? 🤨

  • China Mitch should have been the pinata!

  • This PlanDemic has Been Orchestrated to Bring Tyranny On the Masses.

    Trump Pence Israel
    2020-2024 🇺🇸❤🇮🇱

  • In a world were we all think we’re safe
    2021 brings in a whole new arrangement of viruses and a economic breakdown under the new tyrant rules of the Biden campaign While the USA is in an inner fight Canada and Mexico attack us from both sides
    The Sequel

  • I wonder what the Jesuits have instore for us 😂
    Its written in the Bible about 365 times "Fear Not".
    Its all good folks
    If you know Jesus
    <>< and if you dont
    John 3:16 is just for you

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