The Joe Cozzo Show – The American Dream Turned Nightmare 9/10/21

Joe Biden and the federal government has gone rogue. The administration is making decisions that are infringing on our rights as American citizens. And this is just the beginning.

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  • Stringem all up.

  • I got both shots I AM NOT happy about ANYONE being forced to be vaccinated,
    I promised a friend I would get vaccinated after one of her friends and her sister died from the China virus.

  • 100%

  • I just watched JBS about the Constitution and it said we tell all our politicians "servers" to let the Federal government know that no one has to do anything about the jab!! Just say it's unconstitutional!!!!!

  • Enjoyed your show .Everything you said is how i feel ..FREEDOM!!!!

  • He is protecting ALL Americans, except, of course , the civilians in Afghanistan

  • My birthday, no less. I refuse to let them spoil such a thing. What is important to me and what I value, is untouchable by them. This shows their fear of their own filth, a confession of sorts. They are the Horde. Great job Cozzo, well done!

  • Another 9-11 attack only against the entire world and mankind. More deaths than 9-11 already from covid-19 and vaccines. The plan is for mass genocide.

  • Let your son take all the vaccine .

  • I hear the love in you heart for your leftist dem satanic friends. It’s like a mother calling her kids to please come home. Brings a tear to my eye and a fart to my ***. You have a girlfriend And a daughter have you heard of a Wife? No Man your living the woke American life….. when did you covert weirdo?

  • 55:35 SixPence appearing on Fox is further proof I made the right decision to mostly abandon that network back in November. The events of 20 years ago today drew me in initially, but the vast majority of their shows and "reporters" and "journalists" are unwatchable now.

  • We are now under a current rogue communist government lead by a potato. It's only going to get worse, not better but worse!!!

    -Pfizer employees
    -CDC employees
    -Postal empliyees
    -Illegal aliens
    -Cobgress and their staff



    Paying Atyntion Yet?

  • Poor Joe. So senile hes been waiting for an answer he was already given. Stubbornly hoping for a change that was never coming.

    Let me clarify Slow Joe.

    No! It means No. No change of heart coming. No arbitrary room for discussion. No amount of time to negotiate. I know, Your a politician that lies like you breath, so for you, no probably means maybe later. But see, What your missing out on is those your meeting now; well they have something your lacking. Its called integrity. And it means that unlike in your mind, no doesn't mean maybe. It means No! There is no further discussion. There is not further date where the answer will change. For us, No.. It means NO!

    So.. while I know it may be hard for you…
    Deal with it, you insufferable buffon!

  • The NYS Lieutenant Governor takes the reins and soon the VP copies. Did she write what Biden read than say the opposite?

  • Final step to the “Take Over” is to lock up the Patriots. Is some of that bought up farm land set aside to become “camps” for locking up Americans?

  • Like a chess player, see down the road to what Biden’s handlers are scheming. Are we only a few steps away from a setup leading to Martial Law?

  • Can so relate to your content

  • They don't care if we don't trust them, it was ALL to get into power.

  • We know the problem. What’s the solution? What’s the plan?

  • It is as if… everything President Biden has done was directed by China. We’re we already taken over?

  • The reason why they won't talk about natural immunity is because it does not generate money they want you to take a booster shot because it makes everyone rich within the government that's why you will never hear PHONEY fauci or any
    other Healthcare professional on National Television talk about how do you make your immune system better to fight off sickness… they will never talk about that because again it's all about money and control and power

  • The people that believe in this vaccination they act like they've won the lottery and got millions of dollars and they act so happy on social media because they got the shot you know what that makes me sick there's nothing to feel that happy about I mean seriously and they think that they're majorly contributing to something these people are blind

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