Trump was the Democrats' worst nightmare

REALITY CHECK – The Left receives a ‘gut punch’ from Senator Rand Paul in their crusade to takedown President Donald Trump and more via Newsmax TV’s ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight.’

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  • Trump was the Democrats dream as it resulted in geriatric Biden being elected and a majority in Congress and nearly a majority in the Senate!

  • Oh and democratic so called leaders are pathetic jokes and liars starting with joe morgan freeman is a smart man. I hope he does not stop talking truth.

  • Impeachment legal? NOT for Trump , but yep for Biden!

  • The Far-Left are fools and idiots that are hanging themselves by their obsession of their hate for Trump. I say let them be because as Trump said, "Be careful what you wish for."

  • Guess again. They are already finding ways to recycle covid. They'll back off long enough for the economy to surge slightly, praise Creepy Uncle Joe for his economic prowess, then lockdown even harder. The virus, has become their drug of choice; there no tuning back, it's too delightful a tool of power, for them to let it go.

  • Bad politics are when you see Biden deliberately and vindictively, smash all the good that Trump has put in place.
    Media and Democrats show HATE is more important than the people of America the grass roots Americans who pay the taxes.

  • Its very obvious that its all Political, they want to ruin his reputation and find a loophole to stop Trump from running in any federal office . Dems are viscious but determined to take power and money even if it costs the ruin of the nation. Trumpism drove them nuts!

  • President haunts them, they can't get him out of their heads.
    They can't move on.

  • What do you mean the Democrats vilified Trump the Republicans did too in the worst way and I will never vote Republican again.. all they are trying to do now is as usual saving their own political career where was all the support for my president when he was still in office they do not fool me this is all about them. he's gone now so we can act like we care Republicans are in the swamp too just like the Democrats quite obviously my eyes are wide open now..democratic party is not an option ever. So guess a new party has to be started..cannot wait.

  • Americans have ABSOLUTELY no CREDIBILITY!!! Patriots just ROLLED OVER!!! Where's the KRAKEN!!! America the world's greatest BANANA REPUBLIC!!!

  • Yup and now 80 million AMERICAN PATRIOTS are…..Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP

  • Look at the behavior of Trump's children. Let's look at the behavior of Biden's children. You know who will get the support of most people. Put the cheaters into jail

  • Let's all thank Lord Jesus for protecting our elected leaders from these maga thugs & looters and for blessing us with our compassionate new leaders PRESIDENT Joe Biden and VICE-PRESIDENT Kamala Harris and ridding us of TRAITOR donnie LOOOOOSER trump! It is HILARIOUS that TRAITOR donnie promptly threw his maga looter buffoons under the bus but pardoned maga-money-thief fugly bannon. And I hear DEADBEAT donnie is stiffing FARTIN' rudy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Lincoln Project – Republicans who helped Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win by a LANDSLIDE, country above party

  • Defund the congress. What a waste of money, time and idiots! Welcome to America of China soon to be💩

  • Almost 2M subscribers – good job, Newsmax!

  • You forgot how disgusting Kamala is

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