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Rich TVX Shocks World with Exclusive Report on Putin’s Death and Body Kept in Freezer

Putin's Doppelgänger Superstar: Vasily's Rise to Impersonating Putin


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First to Report Putin’s Demise and Freezer Storage

The Rich TVX News Network made history by being the inaugural network to announce the demise of Vladimir Putin on October 26. It disclosed that the deceased president’s remains were securely stored within a freezer at the Valdai residence, under vigilant surveillance. Subsequent to our report, we have weathered an avalanche of cyberattacks and disparagement from Russian bot networks. In defense of our assertion, it’s imperative to underscore that our source of information originated from the Kremlin itself. We stand unwavering in our commitment to this narrative, and anyone harboring skepticism should substantiate their counterclaims with compelling evidence. We do, however, request that those with reservations refrain from targeting Vasily, who plays the role of Putin’s doppelgänger. We were the first to divulge the fact that the president’s doppelgänger had contracted Covid-19, precipitating concerns about his deteriorating health, which may necessitate the cancellation of upcoming events and meetings.


Clarifying Our Putin Reporting and Legacy Perspective

The Rich TVX News Network wishes to clarify that our reporting is not a celebration of the passing of Vladimir Putin. His demise brings sorrow to his family, who are mourning their loss. We acknowledge that there was a time when Vladimir Putin was an ordinary human being, well before he embarked on the path that defined his public image. In celebrating life, we seek to remember him as a figure who played a significant role in world affairs. We understand that it is not within our purview to pass judgment on his actions. The assessment of a person’s deeds and character lies within the domain of a higher authority. As such, we endeavor to uphold a sense of respect for this individual’s memory and the diverse opinions surrounding his legacy. In the hope that his legacy may have held positive aspects that we are yet unaware of, we remain open to the possibility of gaining further insights at a later stage.


Doppelgänger’s Health Update: Kazakhstan Trip in Jeopardy

Yesterday, the doppelgänger of Russian President Vladimir Putin exhibited an improved state of health compared to the preceding day when he was incapacitated and unable to partake in scheduled engagements. However, the account of the rendezvous with First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, accompanied by a photograph from the meeting, may be deemed as a staged display aimed at portraying the “president’s” vitality. The doppelgänger of the Russian President has a prearranged trip to Kazakhstan, during which he is scheduled to convene with Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. However, a complication has arisen as the doppelgänger was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Saturday, thereby posing a risk of transmission during the impending meeting with Tokayev. It’s one thing to inadvertently expose Patriarch Kirill to the virus, but a substantially different matter when it concerns the President of Kazakhstan. This predicament brings forth the potential for significant complications in relations with a ostensibly “friendly” neighboring state. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Nikolai Patrushev has historically harbored reservations towards Tokayev, which may mitigate his concerns about the situation.


Putin´s Death Report


Breaking News Alert

Security Council Readies Doppelgänger for Packed Agenda

It is evident that the Secretary of the Security Council possesses access to top-tier medical resources for the doppelgänger’s convalescence. Nevertheless, an element of risk still lingers. The forthcoming week carries an extensive itinerary for the doppelgänger, replete with meetings and public engagements, including an overseas trip. Authorities are reluctant to cancel these activities involving the “president” to avert the proliferation of unwarranted speculations that could further exacerbate the situation. As an interim measure, plans are underway to ameliorate the doppelgänger’s symptoms with pharmaceutical interventions, thereby enabling him to “fulfill his agenda.” It is worth noting that the day prior, on Saturday, the doppelgänger partook in a wreath-laying ceremony at the monument to Minin and Pozharsky. While various individuals engaged in this commemoration, the doppelgänger stood in close proximity and exchanged pleasantries with Patriarch Kirill, even though he was already unwell and likely posed an infection risk.


Doppelgänger’s Recent Interactions and Kremlin Silence

Moreover, the doppelgänger maintained close interactions with young individuals who were participating in the event. It merits attention that, few days ago, the “president” conspicuously vanished from the public discourse, and even the official Kremlin channels remained conspicuously silent regarding the daily activities of “Putin.” Such an absence of the President from the public sphere on a typical weekday is a rare occurrence. Typically, some semblance of a state-affiliated event involving the nation’s leader is fabricated to sustain a façade. However, on this occasion, they refrained from deploying any prearranged theatrical performance, reserving it for future contingencies. Reports claiming “Putin’s motorcade arrived at the Kremlin yesterday” are unequivocally spurious. The president’s motorcade can be dispatched at will, ostensibly signifying the vigorous engagement of the “leader.” Yet, the stark reality is that Putin is no longer among the living, and his doppelgänger has succumbed to a severe bout of Covid-19, plagued by debilitating symptoms. Medical professionals endeavored to alleviate his suffering by administering therapeutic interventions; however, their efficacy was marginal, with the doppelgänger still complaining of overwhelming weakness and vertigo.


Respite for Putin’s Doppelgänger and Impending Kazakhstan Visit

Subsequently, a decision was made to provide the doppelgänger with a brief respite, affording him a day’s rest. Efforts resumed on Tuesday to restore his health to a semblance of normalcy. It is worth emphasizing that the doppelgänger, due to his advanced age, is especially susceptible to the perils of Covid-19. Since Putin’s passing, he stands as the sole bastion of support for the current regime. This Thursday marks a diplomatic visit to Kazakhstan, which includes a meeting with Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on the itinerary. If the trip were to be canceled due to the doppelgänger’s health, it could potentially sow discord within the inner circle of elites surrounding Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. The presence of a frail doppelgänger in the presidential role could prove untenable as a linchpin of support for the regime.



Putin´s Doppelgänger Vasily




Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Rich TVX News Network report on the death of Vladimir Putin?

We reported on the demise of Vladimir Putin as it is our duty to cover significant world events. It is essential to provide information to the public, even when it concerns prominent figures.

Where did the information about Putin’s remains being stored in a freezer come from?

The information about Putin’s remains being stored in a freezer came directly from a source within the Kremlin itself. We stand by the credibility of this source.

Why has Rich TVX faced cyberattacks and criticism following the report?

Our report has garnered significant attention and controversy. As a result, we have experienced cyberattacks and criticism, likely from those who wish to dispute our claims or undermine our reporting.

What is Rich TVX’s stance on Vladimir Putin’s legacy and actions?

Rich TVX neither celebrates nor condemns Vladimir Putin’s legacy and actions. We believe it is not our place to pass judgment, and the assessment of a person’s character is a matter for a higher authority.

Why is there a focus on Vladimir Putin’s doppelgänger in your reporting?

We have reported on the doppelgänger’s health and activities due to their potential significance in the political landscape. The doppelgänger has played a crucial role in representing the Russian president.

What is the significance of the diplomatic visit to Kazakhstan, and why is the doppelgänger’s health important in this context?

The diplomatic visit to Kazakhstan is an important event with potential implications for international relations. The doppelgänger’s health is critical because it could impact the success and stability of such diplomatic engagements, and by extension, the regime’s support and credibility.


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