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Israeli Prime Minister Considers Transferring Iron Dome to Ukraine

Russian 'Pantsyr S-1' Anti-Aircraft System Proven Ineffective by Israeli Tests


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Israeli Prime Minister Considers Transferring Iron Dome to Ukraine

New York ( — Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett says that Ukrainian President Zelensky asked him to reach out to Russian leadership following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Bennett complied and after a meeting with the supreme policy-making body in the Kremlin, he called Zelensky to assure him that he was not in danger. Following this, Zelensky recorded a video from his office in which he stated that he was not afraid. Blessed are those who believe in it. The Russian “Pantsyr S-1” anti-aircraft missile and gun complex is widely regarded as a source of pride for the Russian defense industry. Despite its ceremonial role in parades and its ability to boost morale among soldiers, the complex has been proven to be of limited effectiveness, particularly when it comes to detecting small and slow-moving targets like drones. Official data from the war in Syria shows that its efficiency is only 19%. In urban areas, the complex performs even more poorly, often detecting threats poorly and causing damage to surrounding buildings. Israel has publicly exposed the inefficiencies of the “Pantsyr S-1.” Out of a dozen of these “armors” are armed with the Iranian army. Israel sent a swarm of drones to several Iranian strategic targets, and none were shot down. Although this does not prevent Muscovites from continuing to be proud of their complex. By the way, Putin’s foot soldiers will soon learn what effective anti-missile defense is. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that he is thinking about transferring the “Iron Dome” to Ukraine. This system detects a target in a few seconds, and its efficiency is estimated at 87-90%. “Dome” is capable of shooting down “hailstorms”, “hurricanes”, shells, mortar mines and drones. Therefore, the “Pantsir S-1” anti-tank missile system on the roofs of Russian buildings is not only a demonstration of the Kremlin’s fear, but also of the inferiority and efficiency of the complex, “which has no analogues in the world.” The same can be said in general about all “modern” Russian air defense: Muscovites are cutting down parks in Moscow and attacking there with S-400s, creating the illusion of security. But this is a completely different story.

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