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News from the end of the Earth: a portrait of Aleksandar Vučić´s Serbia

Dictator Aleksandar Vučić´s “Dirty War” Perpetrated Against The Serbian Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović

Aleksandar Vučić Is A Criminal Paranoid Ruler On A Grand Scale

Dictator Aleksandar Vučić´s “Dirty War” Perpetrated Against The Serbian Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović

NEW YORK ( – This Rich TVX News Network article with the full support of the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the Pentagon, draws on disturbing material to show a portrait of Serbia under the criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime – one of the most oppressive communist regimes – with the European Union often turning a blind eye or colluding in some of the worst violations and crimes of the Vučić regime. Serbia´s only real opposition leader Nikola Sandulović must be credited with being the most outspoken critic of Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić. Like all memorable characters in a drama, Vučić’s intimate circle still believes that they are rulers over life and death, as totalitarian regimes seek justification for the sacrifices they impose. To make matters worse, there were plans to imprison Nikola Sandulović again, after he called Aleksandar Vučić an “absurd and fanatic dictator.”

Meet Serbia’s Next President Nikola Sandulović

Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Spreads Fear And Psychological Terror Against The Sandulović Family

Aleksandar Vučić was well-equipped for his role and had come to power at an opportune moment. Once in power, Vučić demonstrated that he was a tyrant, as he can be terribly violent when he holds a grudge, and prefers to have his political opponents beaten, terrified and disappeared. Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican party in Serbia and his family have suffered all the horrors of Aleksandar Vučić regime, and abominably from an evil-minded, paranoid, and petty dictator Vučić, who relies on a huge security apparatus to spread fear and psychological terror around him. It is ironic that in the end, Vučić has become the victim of his own system. After dropping the bomb in the garden of President Sandulović ‘s family house a few years ago, putting the explosive device in the front door of his family house. The daughter of Nikola Sandulović has found this in the door of their family house few days ago. Serbian police officers were quickly on the scene, and the police enquiries are still ongoing. Even the police behaved properly, the twilight had now melted nearly into darkness, as President Sandulović is feeling unsafety and exposed to the regime of Aleksandar Vučić, which continues a reign of terror in Serbia.

The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Vučić Media Attacks Nikola Sandulović

It is difficult, if not impossible, for someone who has been an absolute dictator for eight years to become a normal human being again. Vučić has closely adhered to the Stalinist concept but the key question is this: Is Vučić necessary? Is the price paid under Aleksandar Vučić worth it? Clearly it is not. We have always known Twilight grew into darkness, and the Aleksandar Vučić regime is not a necessary evil; Serbia does not need to pass through Vučić dictatorship to modernize and reach well-being. Could Serbia have reached its present level of prosperity without Vučić? The answer is yes. The Aleksandar Vučić dictatorship represents one of the darkest periods of Serbian history. The corruption of the bureaucracy represents only one aspect of the debasement of civil life in Serbia. Our thoughts are with the victims of the Vučić government, and their families. To begin, the main problem for Vučić’s apologists, the same fake ever-untrustworthy Vučić Media and their dirty players who also attack Nikola Sandulović, is the brutality and corruption of their dictator Aleksandar Vučić and his criminal regime. If only Aleksandar Vučić regime had modernized Serbia’s economy to make it a model for the Balkans without killing and torturing the opponents and getting caught with the hands in the cookie jar. Aleksandar Vučić, his paranoid fear of the FSB—and, by extension, of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, even political assassination is not a FSB monopoly. Despite the odds against Nikola Sandulović, the Serbian opposition leader Nikola Sandulović makes history, as Sandulović is in a costly but ultimately successful struggle for democracy and human rights in Serbia. Aleksandar Vučić, one of the last surviving dictators, has become increasingly subject to his persecution mania, believing that even his closest associates were plotting to get rid of him. Vučić symbolizes a dark period in the history of Serbia, a long night where the lights of democracy disappeared, but in the end, it will be Nikola Sandulović and the Republican party who will recuperate democracy in Serbia, though the United States and other countries could play a critical supporting role, where a new legal order needs to be constructed with the focus on the Aleksandar Vučić case and the end of presidential immunity and impunity, in which the international community finally will be able to create an International Criminal Court for the Vučić regime.

You Are A Coward. You Need To Go To The Fifth Floor Of The Psychiatric Ward And See A Psychiatrist

Soon after Vučić came to power, he had his first taste of biting public criticism, given by Vladimir Cvijan, and his immediate reaction was, “I’ll take revenge on you no matter when.” Incidentally, he said the same thing to Slavko Ćuruvija back then. The man who had criticized him, Vladimir Cvijan, was an Serbian lawyer and politician who served as the member of the National Assembly, who had denounced Vučić’s personality cult in both public speeches and privately. Vladimir Cvijan was in fact Vučić’s friend, “Vladimir Cvijan is my most devoted personal friend and my closest collaborator, we both like to play chess,” Vučić said once. Vladimir Cvijan was prepared to talk about the money laundering operations of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and other criminal deals of the Vučić regime to investigators in 2014. In the same year, Vladimir Cvijan abruptly disappeared from public life and went into darkness. His body turned up on the bank of the Danube River outside Belgrade in January 2018. Most likely, he was murdered already weeks before, but the censors of the Vučić regime kept the news off the air. It’s hard to believe, but Vladimir Cvijan`s death was kept hidden from the public for three years, until it was revealed in March 2021. The scene was horrific, according to sources, officially Vladimir Cvijan died on 5 January 2018 after drowning in the Danube River in Belgrade under suspicious circumstances. Judging by media attention in Serbia, that situation has changed significantly over the past few days. A single big scandal weakens the Vučić regime more than hundreds of little ones, and the weakening of a regime already weak is perilous. The Serbian media offered the usual cynical explanation in such cases, but there had been questions about Vučić regimes’s honesty before. The reasons why Cvijan´s death was hidden from the public by the Vučić regime for so long are still unknown. Vladimir Cvijan´s death was initially ruled a suicide, but alternative media in Serbia concluded that he had been “neutralized” to prevent him from testifying. According to sources, Vladimir Cvijan had been so upset about the improper activities that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) was engaged in that he’d taken his concerns to Aleksandar Vučić, and a violent argument followed, mainly because Vučić refused to discuss the subject. “You are a coward. You need to go to the fifth floor of the psychiatric ward and see a psychiatrist,” Vladimir Cvijan supposedly told Vučić. It is notable that Vladimir Cvijan became a member of the Republican party in Serbia.

The censorship in Serbia by the Aleksandar Vučić dictatorship has reached a ridiculous level. All forms of domination, oppression, and degradation are bred wherever ignorance, irrationality, and indiscrimination reign. The brutal images of the victims of Veljko Belivuk aka Velja Nevolja (Velja Trouble) and their bullet-ridden corpses are still shocking Serbia. Aleksandar Vučić is closer and closer to clinical madness and paranoid megalomania. Who killed Slavko Ćuruvija? Who killed Oliver Ivanović? The Aleksandar Vučić era will be over soon, but the dictator will continue to cast a long shadow. Vučić, always superstitious, had believed the prediction of a Buddhist monk he’d met during a visit to China: “You will stay leader until the rest of your days.” No, he will not.