OAN Morning News 3/5/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS Mar 5, 2021

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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • it would seem the Dem's are embarrassed to put "their man" in front of the people, "The People" would most certainly be unimpressed.

  • What? Ron, they did have arms connected to their shoulders!

  • There's no end to the detached mindless out of control desire for political power which is a thirst that will never be satisfied. I beseech thee one and all please! understand your loving and literally worshipping a man your new god who is totally incapable of loving you back.

  • Funny they have to verify these signatures but not for voting. Ppl open your eyes!!! These DemonRats only have rules for the ppl not for them. I bet yoy they will find a way to no recall this Demon becuz he's Pelosi's nephew.

  • Bye bye biden

  • Yeah they dont say that they lost the vaccines they're trying to say Trump didnt have enough vaccines.

  • It is all about the money with trump!. He has sold America to the Russians which is why Russian oil oligarchy is buying into states infrastructure to make sure you will never be able to say NO to them or they will just move and bankrupt each of the states they control. They control this by taking advantage of people fighting each other and ignoring them. Beware of divide and conquer. United is the first word in your great country, keep it that way for your safety's sake!!!!!!!

  • I hope she didn't vote for Biden. If she did then she got what she wanted.

  • Notice how republicans have to denounce the violence yet tge DemonRats were applauding Antifa and BLM while they were destroying our cities.

  • Biden the puppet!!! God Bless America 🙏🙏🙏

  • When Trump becomes president again he needs to get a no nonense AG and the arrest better be swift and immediate. It shld be his first 100 days. Arrest all these criminals that are destroying our country but use military tribunals for cingress and the senate.

  • Omg putting BLM communist in our legal system is tragic. We are doomed!!!

  • Would be safe to say the Whitehouse lead by such incompetence in such a short time is in the biggest mess in American history.

  • It is so obvious that when the economy crashes they will blame it on Biden's senility then swoop in to replace him to "save the day".

  • Um was geht's hier versteh kein englisch. ?

  • With them calling the 74m people voted for Trump are democratic terrorist… that gives them the right to wire tap and spy on anyone they want that voted for Trump

  • YouTube has blocked these videos y’all show can’t see anything but photos of our President Trump 🇺🇸🦅🙏🏼

  • Your white supremacy reign is coming to a close….so buckle up …to the good ole boys.

  • Take alll these illegal immigrants on buses to all democrat states they want them they have them

  • Why do you keep using deception to get people to click on your videos? Are you that desperate or just a dishonest person?

  • How much does Biden have to do before he's remove he a criminal remove him now he's 🤔 the worst MONSTER NOW THE DEMORATS SUCK !!!!!!!

  • This is a Propaganda Channel all lies

  • This administration is a joke.!
    This country is being run by the military complex.!

  • they all had 2 arms to protest with

  • Damn, BIG fake news and boy oh boy are you reaching 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!

  • With all the undocumented single kids with no parents being shuffled through, I am sorry to say just more kids for their pedophilia and sex slave trade business. We need to stop this soon… and hope it's not too little too late!

  • IMO Those who voted for Trump in 2016 & 2020 should start a Petition against Nanci Pelosi for defamation of character. I refuse to believe that up to 92M people who voted for trump "Yes up to 92M not the false narrative LIE of 70M" are all Terrorist as Nancy Pelosi says. Nancy Pelosi should pay a Fine to every Legal American who voted for Trump for her miss guided beliefs and insolence, THEN apologize to the American People in a press conference immediately there after if found guilty. I am Not a Terrorist Nancy P. and I am offended you think so and I want an apology +fines for damages to my good name. I am born and raised here in the United States and I'm a legal American Citizen. Nanci Pelosi you are being called out. I need Council to represent me Top Notch Only.

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