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U.S. Says Russia Could Invade Ukraine at Any Time

White House warns of ‘immediate’ threat of Russian invasion in Ukraine

U.S. Says Russia Could Invade Ukraine at Any Time

NEW YORK ( — President Biden has issued a warning that U.S. citizens should leave Ukraine immediately as tensions with Russia over its military activity continue to intensify. To be sure, there have been other negative developments for the Kremlin. Tension between Russia and Ukraine has worsened. Escalating military preparations by the Kremlin and its separatist allies in Ukraine indicate that an attack could come within days, U.S. officials say. White House warns of ‘immediate’ threat of Russian invasion in Ukraine. New satellite images released appear to reveal continuing Russian military build-up near Ukraine, despite a flurry of international efforts to defuse the Ukraine crisis. Even Japan’s Foreign Ministry advised Japanese citizens in Ukraine to leave the European country immediately as Russia amassed troops on the Ukrainian border. The ministry raised its travel warning for Ukraine to the highest level, which urges all Japanese nationals to evacuate from the country and avoid traveling there “regardless of purposes.” List of countries that have ordered their citizens to leave Ukraine amid warnings of a potential Russian attack till now: USA, UK, Norway, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Latvia, Estonia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Antony J. Blinken, the secretary of state, told reporters at a news conference in Melbourne that “invasion could begin at any time. Viewing communism in the large, little has changed: the forces of diffusion and erosion are still generating disunity, notwithstanding Kremlin’s policy within and beyond Russia in the Ukraine crisis.

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