Choice of bad options | Devin Nunes

Congressman Devin Nunes on the game that was played in order to get Nancy Pelosi to sign on, the difficult decisions surrounding the relief bill and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Greg Kelly Reports.’

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  • The people put Nancy P. in? Are you delusional?! Did you not witness the fraud in this election?

  • Right Israel supports RIGHT President ONLYRED! Fight for TRUMP!

  • Swallow well is a commie and should
    be treated as such.Treason has a penalty.

  • BS !!! I say we fire everyone of these
    A$$holes ! Prosecution and term limits.

  • Eff you Devin. GO BACK TO WORK!! This is a “compromise“? The best you could do is 1.5 billion out of 1,400 billion on the table? Unacceptable, incompetent, spineless, failure quitter! Dare I say deep state operative.

  • Who would have ever thought that the once great american people would be reduced to this! Spineless! No wonder the communist/socialist parasites have taken over. Drag these tyrants out of their mansions and sack the whole lot of them.

  • Outrageous. These evil freaks need to be tried for treason and publicly punished.

  • There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They are Swampocrats.

  • Trump needs to pull a Julius Caesar on this situation NOW…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Oops and movies make no difference…we need action, and I think its going to come in the form of civil war…its time to save our country!

  • Dont sign it!

  • Trump and democrats are on the same page with COVID relief bill…the republicans are the ones that are wanting the current bill that allows major money going to millionaires and billionaires. Ask nunes how much money he will get from the current COVID relief bill.. the ppp program. 😉 Nunez is a crook and wanna be con artist.

  • And our tax dollars paid these a*hats for months so they could come up with this evil? Stick your 600 up your bu*

  • Devin Nunes is a #Hero
    We would never have known what Hillary was up to if it weren't for him.


  • One option. Arm yourselves. The crap must stop.

  • No, Nunes, the American people DID NOT vote for Pelosi. The 2018 election was a testing ground for the cheating that happened in 2020. Also, Trump can POCKET VETO!

  • Representative Nunez we love you so much you have been through so much you have withstood so much God bless you you are a true American Patriot I'm not calling you a Republican I'm calling you a patriot you really love America you really love America that's a big huge statements in this day and age God bless you God bless your family and God bless your country our country the United States of America Merry Christmas

  • How could anyone in their right mind vote Nancy Pelosi back into office after all of this has taken place during a pandemic?

  • What happened with you Newsmax got greedy too like the rest of the media? You should be concerned about the Patriots and the Republic😡😡😡

  • That response by Nunes is crap somebody has something on him! That's a cop-out, that's just what we have to do to get $600 to the American people??? What about the $1,200 that's going to illegal aliens before American citizens?? Vote these people out, they're not working for us! Veto this bill, how about a one-page bill for relief of the American people only! I would prefer you just open this stupid country and let the economy fix itself, that's the beauty of capitalism, but, if we must have a relief package, then America only! They seem to think this tax money comes out of the sky, NO, it comes from hard-working American citizens, not the Democratic money tree! There's so much corruption on both sides , China has infiltrated us and has crap on a bunch of them , that's why we voted for Trump he doesn't owe anybody anything!

  • What countries are giving Aid to the United States? The American people should and must come first especially with the conditions in this country at this time enough of this craziness.
    I am driving and using my microphone so there is no punctuation and there may be some words added to this microphone but nevertheless you get my point we shouldn't send anything else out of this country

  • I say no deal

  • Mitch is Sleeping with a China Spy!! She must give good Head (: (: (:

  • Pelossi the evil one…..She needs a daily piece of pizza.

  • Today is the 23rd of December 2020. There are 28 days 0 hours 58 minutes and 51 seconds remaining until Donald Trump becomes irrelevant again.

  • The FBI, CIA, and DOJ are corrupt agencies filled with hacks that are paid by China.

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