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  • Florida.
    Holds the LINE to breaking the chains

  • The "china virus" Attacks your lungs The "democrat virus" Destroys brain cells!

  • Let’s flood CNN to tell those dumb blind people truth!

  • Conservative Americans deserve access to accurate information. That requires media to establish the facts about a story before allowing political commentary to focus attention. Lies and falsehoods are a criminal abuse of your position, even if you use guests to voice them.

  • Dr Fauchi, the only dr I know of that has never practiced medicine but is looked to for answers. Hmmm…

  • CPAC = Communist against America . Republican = All I care about is MONEY.

  • Yes, CCP deserves credit for spreading it and lying about it. Then All credit goes To President Donald J Trump !!!!

  • Bye bye OAN

  • Look at that Flag in the Background
    Corporate Constitution ends in Chains and Shackles

  • look over here , not there, come on people, if you cant see what they are doing, i feel sorry for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You're should say bye bye Mr trump instead.

  • What's the Deficit now? anyone keeping track?

  • Kameltoe Harris is not and NEVER will be my President

  • People ! you need to be more critical thinkers commonly absent in Republican ideology , Stop listening to this hysteria of mistruths/lies from right wing media like Fox, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity …..I listen to CNN, MSNBC, morning Joe, Rachel Maddow, Washington Post, NYT and several other FACT based news outlets. I assume if your a Fox News fan, you were most likely attending the Capital Riots…wise up, your conduct/behavior/gullibility is shameful as Americans. The world expects better of us, grow up!

  • Go to Bitchute awarriorcalls to get the truth Covid is lie

  • the irony….

  • I have a question to the national guard guarding the u. s. capital. Are you guarding the u.s. consitution, american sovernty, american goverment,american election.. or are you national guard guarding the socialist overthrow of the u.s. capital. Look up color communism and common sense on u-tube in black and white vidio the extended version. 8mins long. Must See.

  • Beta odork
    Should of been in jail for Criminal activities
    Breaking & ENTERING
    I'M supposed to listen to this D..k ??

  • Biden is the Schultz of politicians….

  • I love Bidens tactics , do 500 stupid things to take the focus off that your senile and stupid…

  • Worldstar 🦊 ain't going to do crap for the black community

  • I wonder how the new Three Stooges movie is doing ? You know : Biden , Trudeau , George Soros , all playing at the Hal Roach studios better known as Communist China.

  • Biden’s approval rate is 60% in America which is higher than at any time during Trumps 4 years. He’s doing his job serving the people. Trump only ever served himself.

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