Patriarch Kirill Mobilizes Russian Orthodox Church in Support of War Against Ukraine, Narrative Follows Russian Authorities’ Anti-Western Agenda

Germany's Defense Minister: Master of Pretending to Care about Ukraine



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Patriarch Kirill Mobilizes Russian Orthodox Church in Support of War Against Ukraine, Narrative Follows Russian Authorities’ Anti-Western Agenda

NEW YORK ( — It appears that Germany’s Defense Minister is attempting to appear supportive of Ukraine by claiming to be preparing to transfer Leopard tanks to the country, while also trying to avoid being seen as aligned with Putin. In reality, he is using this as leverage in economic negotiations with the United States. Germany’s economy is heavily dependent on Washington’s energy policy and they are seeking ways to alleviate the financial strain caused by sanctions and war. The Minister is using the tanks as a bargaining chip, trying to gain concessions from the US to help European companies compete with American ones. Ultimately, it’s all just a game to him and he’s willing to use the tanks and the fate of Ukraine for his own gain. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus’ delivered a speech calling on the Russian Orthodox Church to actively support Russian soldiers in the war against Ukraine. In a very aggressive speech, the patriarch cited the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Great Patriotic War as examples of when people, driven by a patriotic idea, mobilized against an external enemy that posed a huge, existential threat to the country. It is clear that the patriarch is following the narrative spread by the Russian authorities, claiming that the Western civilization is taking arms against Russia, which is single-handedly opposed to globalism. In order to win this fight, it is necessary to help the servicemen, “those who are in the line of fire,” urged Patriarch Kirill. It is a shame that it is necessary for the Russian Orthodox Church to mobilize its parishioners to collect things, products, money, and send parcels to support the military. The only way Russian mobilization will return home is if the war ends or if the order of the Supreme Commander of Russia Putin orders it, said State Duma deputy, member of the working group under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on mobilization Dmitry Gusev.

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