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West Deals Devastating Blow to Russia with Total Ban on Oil Exports

Scholz Confirms Consensus with Zelensky on Western Weapons Use in Ukraine


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West Deals Devastating Blow to Russia with Total Ban on Oil Exports

NEW YORK ( — On Sunday, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West imposed a near-total ban on Russia’s oil exports, which is the main source of the Kremlin’s revenue. However, the ban has exceptions, with the most crucial being a price cap. Furthermore, Russia has had a full year to plan and make arrangements to sell oil and petroleum products despite the sanctions. According to U.S. intelligence, Bakhmut is being cut off from the supply routes of the Ukrainian army. Over the past week, Russia has been making steady gains in its attempt to surround the town. The main roads into the city for Ukrainian forces, M03 and H32, are now vulnerable to direct attacks from Russian military advances. The Wagner groups are believed to have taken control of a secondary route connecting Bakhmut to Seversk earlier this week. With limited options for alternative supply routes for Ukrainian troops, Bakhmut is becoming more isolated. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in response to a question from a Bild journalist about an agreement between himself and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky regarding the use of Western weapons, stated: “There is a consensus on this issue.” Additionally, the chancellor commented on Putin’s recent declaration that Russia is “once again being threatened by German tanks with crosses.” Scholz noted in the interview that Putin’s statements are part of his attempts to make obscure historical comparisons to justify his aggression towards Ukraine. “There is no justification for this war. Russia is engaging in a brutal war against Ukraine,” Scholz added. He emphasized that Germany’s decision to provide tanks to Ukraine is to aid in their self-defense. “Each shipment of weapons was carefully considered and coordinated closely with our allies, primarily the US. This collaborative approach helps to prevent the escalation of the conflict,” Scholz explained.


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