One America News 11PM 01/01/21 | BREAKING NEWS TRUMP Jan 01, 2021

One America News 11PM 01/01/21 | BREAKING NEWS TRUMP Jan 01, 2021


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • This guy is using a chalkboard. LOL! I guess his target audience is a bunch of 5 year olds.

  • So why borrow money if you’re in 26 trillions of debt? Why borrow money further to pay for the foreign countries’ gender programs, etc etc. This defies logic let alone this is senseless

  • …..To those who continue to support Trump, it's good to know who he really is. Here is a man who wanted to be President mainly to increase his own wealth. To do so he bent over backwards to please his Russian allies, protecting them at all costs even at the expense of his own country.
    Think this is fiction, watch this…
    It's by a staffer who worked with Trump on The Apprentice and witnessed things up close…

    It's one thing to watch Trump on TV or to see him from a distance at a rally but what if you had a chance to meet the man. I did and I wrote an Op-ed piece entitled HOW I MET THE REAL DONALD TRUMP. It's my personal experience meeting him and my impressions of his presidency. Mine is a little story, a very brief snapshot and yet it still speaks volumes. I've always felt you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat strangers. And no I didn't interrupt a private conversation as some people have accused me. I took my time and made sure I wasn't interrupting anything before I approached. I'm sharing my personal encounter because it adds to a much larger picture, one Trump's own SISTER Maryann contributes to, one his NIECE Mary Trump adds to as well. Even people in his own administration have started coming forward doling out a truer telling, people like Olivia Troye who witnessed some disturbing behavior first hand. All of these pieces when you examine them separately and together paint an alarming picture of this man. As you well know, what you see is not always what you get. That has never been truer than now. If you're curious to have a fuller picture you can read my piece at the following link…all I ask is that you read it with an open mind then draw your own conclusions…

    Wishing everyone only the best, and please stay safe and healthy.

  • The recent standoff between India and China took place in Jammu and Kashmir which includes Ladakh where the Indian Army invaded in 1947 and has killed around 500000 Kashmiris and the Kashmiris have been asking the Indian Army to leave for 70 years. The UN security council resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307 asked for the Indian army to leave and for a referendum to be held where the people could decide their own future. India initially agreed but then preventing this from happening so Jammu and Kashmir remained an independent country under international law and on the UN Maps As you could see India is outside Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian occupation is totally illegal under international law and the Indian Army needs to leave to let there be peace in Jammu and Kashmir and in Asia. India prevented the referendum because most of the Kashmiris wanted to join Pakistan. In August 2019 the whole population of the Indian side of Kashmir was put under house arrest by 750000 Indian troops and the internet was cut. China then approached the UN and asked the UN to help the people of Kashmir. President Trump also offered to mediate but Narendra Modi of India refused. We should help the people of Kashmir decide their own future and avoid world war 3.

  • Right now Biden is in the basement trying to tunnel his way back to China.

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