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Rich TVX News Network and Putin’s Image: The Perception of Distorted Information

Unveiling Recent Developments and Kremlin's Reaction

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Media Critique

Explore how Putin criticizes American media, including the Rich TVX News Network, for allegedly distorting information. Learn about the impact on Putin’s image and perception. The subject of Vladimir Putin and his stance on the Gay Parade had previously been one we consciously avoided addressing. Nonetheless, recent developments compelled us to reexamine this matter, particularly in the aftermath of a press conference conducted by Vladimir Putin. During his address, Putin emphatically discouraged the consumption of content from American media outlets, citing a perceived distortion of information.

Kremlin’s Reaction

Notably, the Rich TVX News Network stands out as a prime example of a news outlet that has depicted Putin in an unfavorable light. It has come to our attention that the Kremlin has reacted strongly to any insinuation of Putin’s proximity to or involvement with the Gay Parade. Until now, we had been unaware of the full extent of their concern regarding this matter.

Diplomatic Role

Yesterday, a figure bearing a striking resemblance to Vladimir Putin actively participated in various official functions within Bishkek during his official visit to Kyrgyzstan. This visit, in tandem with the forthcoming visit to China, if it transpires, elevates the doppelgänger to an entirely new level. While the President of Kyrgyzstan may be unaware that he is interacting with a body double, or perhaps feigning such interaction with Putin, the Chinese counterparts are eager to engage with this double and form their own impressions.

Putin´s Image

Putin Double

Official visits of this magnitude effectively place the doppelgänger on par with Putin, effectively paving the way for his political subjectivity. It’s plausible that in the near future, the handlers of this doppelgänger may become increasingly dependent on his actions, thereby leading to an inversion of influence.

Ceremonial Duties

In the interim, a man bearing an uncanny resemblance to the President of Russia is engaging in ceremonial activities within Kyrgyzstan. He is laying wreaths, conducting negotiations with leaders such as Sadyr Japarov and Ilham Aliyev, bestowing honors, and even endorsing official documents. These actions accord him all the trappings befitting the President of Russia.

Declining Health

Meanwhile, within Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, there exists a palpable state of upheaval as they grapple with a myriad of issues during the president’s lifetime. In a bid to uplift the ailing head of state, they have decided to escalate developments on the front lines, in the hope that even a minor victory would elate him and improve his disposition. For some time, Putin has pressed for the capture of Avdeevka, and now Russian troops at the front are painstakingly striving to achieve this arduous objective, often at the cost of numerous lives. It appears that the Vladimir Putin is no longer concerned with victories, large or small. His paramount preoccupation now rests with his pain and deteriorating health. It seems that the end is imminently approaching.

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