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From New York`s house stations to the electronic dance music radio stations in Hong Kong

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) World’s Summer Anthem 2021

StoneBridge´s Mix of Mama India [Reloaded] has become a global phenomenon

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) World’s Summer Anthem 2021

NEW YORK ( – Mama India [Reloaded]´s already been vociferously approved on radio stations across North America and Europe. “People are so clued up abroad now,” says DJ Delani. “When I play on Internet Radio it goes out on the web. So you find people on the other side of the world asking you to play Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) you only cut few days ago! ” From New York`s house stations to the electronic dance music radio stations in Hong Kong, Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) breaks around the world. Outside the COVID-19 safety of the booth, Hong Kong is going bananas. DJ Delani warmed them up, the residents have taken it harder and faster and now, to wrap things up at one of their regular all-nighters (open till 5am), the funkiest Swissman in the world is boshing his way through an hour of deep, breakbeat techno. While Hong Kong Chinese residents are rocking the upper floor with deep and funky house and discoid garage, DJ Delani drops the new Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix). The best in a lifetime. Where were you when your first heard the StoneBridge Mix of Mama India?

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

From The Shetlands To The Coast Of Canada Via The Caribbean To The South Pacific

Despite a nightmare journey to Hong Kong because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the ever-calm DJ Delani seamlessly blends tracks, and there’s the new Stevo single on Area 51 Records, DJ Delani’s own co-production and a spanking remix of StoneBridge that gets the Hong Kong kids whooping with joy. The location in Hong Kong isn’t known for, techno DJs but DJ Delani isn’t your typical Martin Garrix or Zedd, all no compromise and manic mixing. With him, there’s afro and cosmic in the b-lines and, as DJ Delani says, “some people wanted harder cosmic.” The event in Hong Kong itself is free: three sound systems serve up the hottest deep house and techno from local jocks, and at midnight “the biggest fireworks of techno music in the world ” was promised. Well, if you fancy a walk on the hard side, Hong Kong, world capital of the underground sound, bizarre and just plain best-avoided, could be for you. Not as crazy as it seems, because you can hear Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on radio just about anywhere in the world, from the Shetlands to the coast of Canada via the Caribbean to the South Pacific. Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) offers you probably the best electronic dance music in the world right now, a track produced by truly unique eclectic and extraordinary airay of musical talent and Individuality, the incomparable GRAMMY nominated Stockholm based DJ, artist and producer StoneBridge, the world’s biggest house DJ.

Stevo ‘n’ Delani’s Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) Is Their Career Highlight To Date

The Floorbanging Global Deep House And Fully Rounded Ibiza Summer Anthem 2021

Stevo ‘n’ Delani’s latest track Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) and their career highlight to date – the floorbanging global deep house and fully rounded Ibiza Summer Anthem 2021. “We are really very pleased with Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix). It’s brilliant. We go all around the world and we think StoneBridge had real discipline to make something that could be called world anthem. It is our most complete record. Respect and big thanks to StoneBridge,” say Stevo ‘n’ Delani. Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) exceeds all expectations, and is the best Club Ibiza Summer Anthem 2021 in the world ever, by one of the biggest and, many say, best DJs in the world, the Swedish DJ Superstar StoneBridge. The StoneBridge mix that made Stevo ‘n’ Delani famous, splicing StoneBridge Extended Epic Mix of ‘Mama India.’ If you can’t make it to Ibiza or Hawaii to see them live this summer, this is a perfect gift to yourself.

The Best DJs In The World, The Swedish DJ Superstar StoneBridge

Faceless rather than faithless, Stevo has always been a mysterious figure in the world of electronic dance music. Now known for Mama India [Reloaded], soothing and spiritual, the track is a cool wash of synths. Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) is a simple but damn funky roller with its slick vocal licks and gyrating bass tones retaining that distorted edge without becoming too aggressive. StoneBridge has spent years putting Stockholm on the world house map. Here he delivers hard hitting mixes of Mama India that are as raw and functional as they are punchy and funky. The StoneBridge remix of Mama India adds several punchy layers of deep house beats for winning combination of dancefloor panache and home listening joy. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, then this delightful Swedish production Mama India [Reloaded] from StoneBridge, with its hint of Eastern promise, might just do the trick. StoneBridge´s bright and bouncy beats of Mama India, littered with lively percussion and tabla loops, build up to a memorable snake- charming breakdown, with nagging StoneBridge-styled synth hooks driving it throughout.

Hong Kong Is Going Bananas For Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

Rich TVX News’ Coverage Of The Electronic Dance Music Culture

Millions of fans thrill to the sound of electronic dance music, which defines today’s youth culture worldwide, and is a powerful force. Prepare yourself for another fascinating visual into the glamorous world of dance music! Over the last quarter-century electronic dance music has grown to become the dominant form of popular culture. Today, EDM music, art, and fashion have spread around the globe, gaining fans from all walks of life. Learn all about your favorite DJs, and dance music stars and how they made their way to the top of the charts. Rich TVX News profiles prominent individuals in the industry.

Buy Ibiza Summer Anthem 2021: Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

Below is a list of digital music stores and platforms where you can buy/stream Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix):


Shazam is an American application owned by Apple Inc. The application can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device. Stream Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on Shazam here.


Deezer is a French online music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels.
Stream Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on Deezer here.


Beatport is an electronic music-oriented online music store. Beatport is oriented primarily towards DJs.
Get Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on here.


KKBOX is Asia’s leading music streaming service, and lets you enjoy music anytime, anywhere.
Stream Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on here.


Amazon Music is a music streaming platform, online music store operated by
Buy Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on here, or Amazon France here.

Apple Music

The largest interactive music library in the world. Apple Music subscribers can access millions of songs.
Get Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on Apple Music here.


Spotify is the dominant player in the music streaming business. Customers worldwide can access their favorite artists. Stream Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on Spotify here.


Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service with exclusive content and special features on music.
Find Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on Tidal.

Juno Download

Juno Download is one of the World’s largest independent dance music MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC retailers!
Find Stevo – Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on Juno Download here.

People Shift To Streaming Services Such As Spotify

The digital download, ushered in to the mass market more than a decade ago by various software-based online digital media stores, is in rapid decline as people shift to streaming services such as Spotify. Streaming’s advantages are that you can listen to any of tons of songs whenever you like, and create playlists etc. A professor at the University Graduate School of Music, has said that “everything we thought we once knew about music needs to be rethought in the digital age.” Modern electronic dance music has not only adapted to the internet – it is at the very heart of it. DJ´s and artists like Swedish DJ Superstar StoneBridge have adapted already long ago to the internet world, as they learned how to meet the needs of consumers on the digital marketplace, as digital services are rapidly expanding the global audience for electronic dance music. “I saw the shift from sales to streaming in 2014,” recalls StoneBridge.

Streaming And Digital Music Consumption In The Digital Age

Major technology players – Spotify, Deezer – and Beatport have upgraded their services. Income from streaming revenues are all seeing growth. Area 51 Records has provided various tracks, offering consumers ways to experience music. “Digital audio streaming mean we can monetise markets worldwide much more effectively,” says Kurt Seidnitzer, executive vice president, international and head of global marketing, Area 51 Records.

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The Sky’s The Limit – Rich TVX News, And The Reinvention Of Television

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