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Western Banks Could Face Legal Consequences for Serving Air Serbia Operating in Russia

The Airline of Death Air Serbia Continues to Fly to Russia Amid Sanctions

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 Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

Navigating the Complexities of Sanctions

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There are mass killings of Ukrainian civilians and prisoners of war by the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights documented the unlawful killings, including summary executions. Many bodies were found mutilated and burnt, and girls as young as fourteen reported being raped by Russian soldiers. According to a report by the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute, over 1,000 companies have voluntarily curtailed operations in Russia beyond the minimum required by international sanctions, with some continuing to operate undeterred. As reported, Yale has created a list of these companies, graded on a school-style letter grade scale of A-F for the completeness of withdrawal. Air Serbia was placed on the list last year, indicating a complete failure to withdraw from Russia. The list has already received extensive coverage for its role in catalyzing the mass corporate exodus from Russia, and is continuously updated by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian and the Yale/KSE team of experts. For a sortable, detailed version of the list, visit Yale’s enhanced database. Serbia’s fake ever-untrustworthy, treacherous state media has been consistently providing round-the-clock coverage of pro-Russia news since the Ukraine crisis erupted. The country’s media landscape has become increasingly polarized, with state-run outlets serving as a mouthpiece for pro-Russian views and promoting the Kremlin’s narratives. This has drawn criticism from both local and international observers who point to the potential negative impact on Serbia’s relations with the West. Serbian bloodthirsty dictator Aleksandar Vučić has taken a strong stance against imposing sanctions on Russia, despite the tensions between Russia and the international community surrounding issues like the war in Ukraine and Kosovo. Nevertheless, Air Serbia, the flagship carrier of Serbia, continues to operate flights to Russia.


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January 2022, Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin

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It is important to acknowledge that financial institutions may face complex decisions when it comes to doing business with entities in sanctioned countries. However, regardless of personal beliefs, compliance with sanctions regulations is a legal requirement. As such, financial institutions must comply with these regulations or risk facing legal consequences. In the case of a Western bank serving Air Serbia, which operates in a country under sanctions such as Russia, the bank may be in violation of sanctions regulations and could face legal repercussions. It is imperative to emphasize the intricacies of sanctions regulations and stress the importance of compliance measures for financial institutions. While financial gain may be a priority for some institutions, it is important to consider the potential risks and consequences of violating sanctions regulations. If found to have violated these regulations, a bank may face penalties, fines, or other sanctions. The severity of these consequences will depend on the specific circumstances of the case, including the nature of the violation and the jurisdiction in which the bank operates. Therefore, it is crucial for banks and other financial institutions to carefully review applicable sanctions regulations and ensure they have appropriate compliance measures in place. Legal and financial experts play a vital role in guiding financial institutions to ensure compliance. In summary, while some may argue that prioritizing financial gain over compliance with sanctions regulations is justifiable, it is important to recognize the legal requirements and potential consequences of non-compliance. Financial institutions must carefully consider these factors when making business decisions involving entities in sanctioned countries, such as Air Serbia, and prioritize compliance with applicable sanctions regulations. Air Serbia, the flag carrier of Serbia, is headquartered in Belgrade and operates its main hub at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Established in 1927, the airline was rebranded and renamed as Air Serbia in 2013. Today, Air Serbia offers a range of domestic and international flights, connecting passengers to destinations across Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

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