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Is Putin a Dead Man Walking? Ex-CIA Chief Suggests Putin’s Life in Danger

The Danger of Putin's Internet Nationalization and Censorship

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Putin’s Paranoia and Internet Control

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Some of our readers may feel that resisting the criminal Putin regime is futile, however, our daily bulletins demonstrate that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Kremlin is deeply disturbed by the contents of our bulletins, which relentlessly expose the true nature of the Putin regime. Despite the regime’s frequent insults and threats, we remain undeterred in our pursuit of justice. Furthermore, our email inbox has been inundated with a plethora of lure offers ranging from purchase offers of Rich TVX News to alleged prizes, which are nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to trick us into installing malicious scripts on our site. Such tactics have become increasingly grotesque in nature and are a testament to the desperation of those who seek to undermine our efforts.

Putin has been pursuing total control over the Russian internet for more than a decade, using censorship and the nationalization of Russian internet infrastructure as tools. His primary objective is information control. While Putin does not aim to isolate the Russian internet entirely, he needs to maintain absolute control to uphold political stability since he is inherently paranoid. Putin and other former KGB personnel cannot explain the collapse of the Soviet Union, making him believe that revolution is a contagious disease that could infect Russians. Countries where a revolution has occurred or where democracy prevails are especially dangerous for Putin, such as Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the Baltic states, whereas he does not concern himself with democracy in France.

According to a former CIA chief, Putin is at risk of being killed as he is now in a “no-win” situation with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. To end the war, Putin must either be killed or ousted from power, as he will not give up the conflict if he remains in power. He believes that Putin’s oligarch friends, military, or even his own people could turn against him. According to Ukraine, over 170,000 Russian soldiers have been lost since the start of the conflict, adding to Putin’s troubles.


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The recently leaked Vulkan-Files reveal that Russian intelligence agencies are purchasing hacking tools like Scan-V and Amezit to find security weaknesses and plan attacks on computer systems, control information, and monitor people. The documents detail the work of NTC Vulkan, a Russian software company, on projects for digital spying, censorship, manipulating internet traffic, and influencing public opinion, with clients including Russian intelligence agencies and the hacker group Sandworm. Scan-V, a tool used for “digital enemy reconnaissance,” searches for vulnerabilities in a target system and collects information about the target’s network structure and employees. Designed for GRU unit 74455, or Sandworm, it includes tools for coordinating attacks and a ticketing system for distributing tasks. The tool is constantly updated, and the vulnerabilities used in attacks are not described in the documents. The documents also reveal a tool called “Amezit,” which includes various tools for censorship, surveillance, and disinformation. The use of these tools can have significant consequences on individual privacy and freedom of expression. The use of disinformation and propaganda is not new, but the rise of social media and the internet has made it easier to disseminate false information on a large scale and influence public opinion. The leaked documents provide a glimpse into the inner workings of a company that specializes in censorship, surveillance, and disinformation.

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