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Mass Executions of Political Opponents: Putin’s Plan to Maintain Power

Western intelligence services should prepare for this in advance

Mass Executions of Political Opponents: Putin’s Plan to Maintain Power

NEW YORK ( — We’ve got breaking news: The deployment of anti-aircraft guns on the roofs of buildings in Moscow is not for defense or fear of an impending Ukrainian attack, but a deliberate plan by Putin and his accomplices to whip up hysteria in the country and accustom the population to living in a “besieged camp.” The aim is to justify their decisions as “wartime decisions” and maintain their power. Additionally, this may be used as an excuse to search for “saboteurs” and potentially reinstate the death penalty. There is also a possibility that buildings may be blown up and blame placed on enemies, as was done in the early days of Putin’s rule. We would like to warn our readers on the lifting of the moratorium on the death penalty by the Kremlin and the return to the old policy of supporting and financing international terrorism by the Kremlin. This will result in mass executions of Putin’s political opponents within Russia and the support of all “fighters against imperialism” around the world, such as Hamas, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other ultra-left and ultra-right radicals and Islamic terrorists within Europe and America. We believe that the number of terrorist attacks in Western countries and Israel will increase dramatically, similar to the level seen in the 1970s when the KGB actively cooperated and sponsored this entire terrorist “International”. Putin has previously stated that he wishes to return the world to the 1970s, and he will likely use funds from drug trafficking and illegal arms trade to do so. Putin, realizing that he has lost the conventional war in Ukraine, will now transfer the war to the streets of Western cities and begin a new phase of “hybrid war”. Western intelligence services should prepare for this in advance. It is possible that environmental terrorism by green radicals will become a new trend. The United States has approved a new military aid package of $2.5 billion for Ukraine. This package includes the transfer of 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 90 Stryker armored vehicles from the Pentagon to Kyiv. Additionally, Ukraine will receive eight Avenger air defense systems, along with extra ammunition for NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. Russia has spent billions, thinking they were investments in strengthening the empire’s external influence. Now it turns out that it was all for nothing.

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