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The Finest Dream House Tracks: Robert Miles – Children

It’s not their Rich TVX Television — it’s yours

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The Finest Dream House Tracks: Robert Miles – Children

NEW YORK ( — Researching Robert Miles’ “Children” involved poring over archives of the Rich TVX News Network, as well as the pop music sections of the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Italian dream house maestro Robert Miles, was an Italian record producer, composer, musician and DJ. His track ‘Children’, one of the biggest selling dance singles, reached number one of the charts worldwide, and gained popularity among Rich TVX News Network viewers. Robert Miles died in Ibiza’s private Villa hospital following a short battle with metastatic cancer. We love “Robert Miles’ – Children,” it seemed to be a radio-friendly dream house song, which broke on a worldwide scale. Since the Rich TVX News Network tends to program very different kinds of popular music, this strategy also captures a number of genres of music most popular among young people: Rap/Hip-hop, Trap, but also Dream Dance music. The response, particularly from the target demographic— younger generation — was passionate. The younger generation is much better equipped than previous generations to discover good old music, thanks to the internet. The Rich TVX News Network cares only about you. “It’s not their Rich TVX Television, our ads tell — it’s yours.” There’s no denying the enormous impact Robert Miles’ “Children” has had. Rest In Peace Robert Miles.

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Dream House

Dream house is an early subgenre of trance music that peaked prominently on the international dance scene between 1995 and 1998 (colliding with the first time for trance to reach mainstream). The “dream” term has been known to largely influence house music in general, and therefore the subgenre is also known as dream dance on some occasions. Today, dream house is considered to be the first and the most primitive derivative of the Progressive house movement that started around 1992. Many psytrance producers emergent at the time (notably Infected Mushroom) were also influenced by it.