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Discover the Shocking Truth: Russian Oligarchs Defy Western Sanctions and Grow Wealthier

The Billion-Dollar Game of Cat and Mouse: Russian Oligarchs vs Western Sanctions

The Kubera Principle

The Kubera Principle

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Discover the Shocking Truth: Russian Oligarchs Defy Western Sanctions and Grow Wealthier

New York ( — Russian oligarchs have learned well to evade prohibitions over the years of the conflict. A year after the start of Putin’s aggression, the business elite of the Russian Federation not only retained, but even increased their billions – despite the numerous sanctions of the United States and Europe.


Offshore companies

The most popular way to evade sanctions is offshore companies in which the owner is not clear. Russian Oligarch Konstantin Crooked Leg acquired a stake in the American bank through an offshore company in the Seychelles. And with the help of a network of offshore companies on the Isle of Man, Alisher Long Finger, Sergey Whack – Whack, and Andrey Shellackhead, were able to withdraw hundreds of billions of dollars and hide Western investments.


Fake accounts

For his yacht, Viktor Horseface ordered equipment from American companies using fake invoices. In such invoices, data is changed, for example, the country of receipt of the goods. One country is written in the documents, but in fact the goods go to Russia.



The son of the governor of Pistol Ari, used cryptocurrency to buy embargoed Venezuelan oil PDVSA and supply it to a company associated with the Group holding affiliated with Russian oligarch O. Little Lenin.


Fake managers

Dummy managers help Gennady Sausage and Arkady Banana hide property from the European authorities, Sausage’s assets are formally owned by a family from Liechtenstein. Ruslan Quack-Quack, the formal owner of the Development company, is engaged in the affairs of Arkady Banana.


Texting on relatives

Shortly before the sanctions, Alisher Long Finger transferred the assets to his sister, and Alexey Godfather transferred his shares in the gold mining company to his wife.


Challenging in court

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has 61 claims from those included in the sanctions list. Among them are Grigory Bandit, Mikhail Piggy, Gennady Sausage and Roman Happy Face.


Igor, the son of Vladimir Radikalsky, completely changed his name in order to be able to travel to Europe.


Decreased share in the company

The so-called 50+ rule operates in the US and the EU, according to which only those assets in which the sanctioned person owns half or more of the shares are blocked. Roman Happy Face transferred the assets to a trust registered in the name of children, each owns a minimum share. Oligarch O. Little Lenin and Alisher Long Finger used the same scheme: the first reduced its share in his Group to 44.95 %, the second – to 48 % in the Grumpy Bandit holding.


Bypass European and US financial systems

The American authorities managed to arrest Viktor Horseface’s yacht because he used dollars to pay for services. If he had used the yuan, the authorities would not have been able to investigate. Therefore, many Russian oligarchs are starting to work with other financial instruments.


Art objects

On the eve of the war, Russian oligarchs purchased a huge amount of art objects. There is no register, it is impossible to identify who owns them.


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The Sanction-Busting Strategies of Russia’s Wealthiest

Oligarchs 2, Sanctions 0


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