Biden lives in 'fantasyland' | John Catsimatidis

Red Apple Grooup CEO John Catsimatidis on the Biden Administration’s ‘green energy initiative,’ cancelling Keystone Pipeline XL, the future of energy independence and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight.’

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  • Obiden crime family…"THE DOGFATHER" co starring Black Hillary aka jo ho…

  • Why do you call yourself Newsmax? You don’t cover the news. Just complaining about this new communists regime. Nothing about what’s happening over seas. Nothing on China. Your a broken record….of whining. Granted…it’s very good whining. But it’s still just whining. Trump told us what would happen. Indeed….what was happening before his arrival in the whitehouse was also brought up. Obama’s Administration was Communist to the Core. And proof was everywhere…..but completely ignored by MSM. They endorsed it. Covered it all up.

  • Drrrrrrrrrrrr I’m Joe Biden

  • Like hes at michael jacksons neverland ranch…

  • Biden has reached the highest approval in 12 years at 63%.
    Trump has never reached 50% in his time as a fake President.

  • Look at the behavior of Trump's children. Let's look at the behavior of Biden's children. You know who will get the support of most people. Put the cheaters into jail

  • We are setting society up for the mother of all collapse.
    People are extremely short sighted by becoming too dependent on electricity.
    The Carrington effect is like krakatoa volcano.
    Just one equivalent EmP and life without electricity will be like living in the stone age
    It will make us think Lockdown was paradise
    Realise that God runs the planet with his wife mother nature

  • Union fools that voted Chiden will see what happens when his green world brings $5 gas.

  • Just about all the unions stood behind biden so now that they got what they wanted they dont like it lol

  • Maybe a higher oil cost will drive (pun intended) more people to move to electric and hybrid vehicles?

  • The only ones surprised by what Biden is doing to America are the one's he lied too to get their votes!! All us conservatives knew this was coming. No surprise.

  • Biden is Obama's Puppet

  • Didn’t the unions vote Trump? Does anyone know? If they did, Biden had warned that this is what he was going to do.

  • China biden is UnAmerican

  • The CCP won this election.

  • Whoever thought a 47 year politican with, allegedly, an advanced dementia would be a good idea for a President should be dragged and shot lol

  • Stop drilling everywhere .
    stop building the wall .cut off our energy Independence and leave us defenseless

  • Seriously god help americans under biden it's very scary, mass poverty on its way, I'm literally scratching my head wondering did anyone really vote for this insane man

  • Joe Biden got into office by cheating, period. Even he admits it.

  • Let's all thank Lord Jesus for protecting our elected leaders from these maga thugs & looters and for blessing us with our compassionate new leaders PRESIDENT Joe Biden and VICE-PRESIDENT Kamala Harris and ridding us of TRAITOR donnie LOOOOOSER trump! It is HILARIOUS that TRAITOR donnie promptly threw his maga looter buffoons under the bus but pardoned maga-money-thief fugly bannon. And I hear DEADBEAT donnie is stiffing FARTIN' rudy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Lincoln Project – Republicans who helped Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win by a LANDSLIDE, country above party

  • The Biden/Harris administration is helping the whole world (literally) except the 🇺🇸 American Citizens 🇺🇸 it’s heartbreaking & irresponsible.

  • Good old I know how to sign my own name Joe Biden. Might as well just sign an X

  • welcome to 3.50 to 4.00 a gallon for fuel🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!

  • Treasonist blackmailing is running our country in the ground under 6 days done more damage the most do in 4 years he's a pos karma's comming baby karma

  • China is the most polluted country and does not care about saving this planet.

  • I bet 90 percent of the population don't know who sir nick clegg is.
    A Knight of Malta
    The ex deputy prime minister of England
    The advisor to Facebook and Zuckerberg
    The man behind the drop boxes. The British establishment won the elections with the help of his cronies like Lord maloch brown
    Yes little Britain has been behind the dominion machines along with the state sponsored BBC
    PIMP MY COVID baby you have just lost America

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