13-Minute News Hour w/ Bobby Eberle – GOP SELLS OUT! Romney Votes to Advance Infrastructure 8/9/21

The GOP members of the Senate had an opportunity to stop the wasteful $1.2 trillion Biden infrastructure bill through the use of a filibuster. Instead of standing up for conservative principles, 18 GOP Senate members voted with the Democrats to allow the bill to continue. What can stop the Democrats now?

The so-called bipartisan infrastructure deal will allow the Senate Democrats to pass another $3.5 trillion spending bill without having to worry about a filibuster. Joe Biden and the Democrats laid the trap, and the Republicans walked right into it.

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:41 18 GOP senators vote to advance infrastructure bill
7:44 Fauci calls out motorcycle rally, ignores border surge
10:48 UW-Madison removes ‘racist’ rock from campus
13:32 Lightfoot sees another weekend of Chicago violence

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  • GOP is finished .

  • And Fauci you caused this you encouraged this gain of function research so you have blood on your hands. So start telling the truth because you are going to be the fall guy when they are figured out.

  • Romney is a sellout he was a Massachusetts politician and is totally corrupted and the Democrats tool. I have bridges in my city that have weight limitations on them they should have been replaced 30 years ago. But we will put a dime in the giant bucket and the Democrats are winning they paid attention to Saul Alinski and they are controlling us now. New mask mandates that are based in “ science”. Trump was our chance and they pulled that off like grease lightning.

  • Your network is a joke!

  • We are being ruled by criminals

  • Well, Cornyn didn’t vote for passage. He and Cruz from TX voted nay.

  • The sooner you figure out that the globalists are on both sides the sooner we can get rid of them

  • We can see how corrupted they are

  • Bill Csssidy is dead wrong .This is a very bad policy. The 17 are wrong and they will see .we will have no choice but to vote the 18 out. They are not doing what's right for Amercia.

  • Trump is and has always been for Amercia. Trump is right .as usual.Trump loves Amercia and the people. Has always done what's best for Amercians.

  • I agree with person that said if you don't want to stay strong with Republicans and you say you are republican then stand with republicans or get out and go be with democrats. Is what you want do it.

  • They will be judged by God Almighty Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️

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