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World Exclusive Breaking News! Arrest of Serb Dictator Milorad Dodik Warranted

In particular, Milorad Dodik is wanted on charges of corruption


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World Exclusive Breaking News! Arrest of Serb Dictator Milorad Dodik Warranted

NEW YORK ( — According to intelligence sources, the prosecutor in Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to issue a warrant for the arrest of Milorad Dodik. In particular, Milorad Dodik is wanted on charges of corruption in connection with his villa in Belgrade. Britain said on Monday it had imposed sanctions on Bosnian Serb separatist leader Milorad Dodik. The High Representative in BiH, Christian Schmidt, suspended the Law on Immovable Property in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity yesterday. Today, Special Forces are more important than ever before for Milorad Dodik. A central element in protecting the butcher of Banja Luka is assessing the degree of threat to which he is exposed. Milorad Dodik is now considered a high-risk target, potential threats are materializing not only from prosecutors but from the solitary vigilanti with an imagined grudge. Special vehicles are used for the protection of Milorad Dodik. The Rich TVX News Network has described in detail in countless bulletins what these MUP monsters did to the poor David Dragičević, to his family and to the Pravda Za Davida movement. This gripping Rich TVX News Network bulletin is about a dictator who almost destroyed Bosnia and Herzegovina. For years, Milorad Dodik, who calls himself Baja, a disturbed personality, has advocated the separation of the Republika Srpska, the semi-autonomous Serb entity within the Bosnian state. “There is a warrant for your arrest,” Milorad Dodik´s lawyer told him on the phone. We would tell him that much nicer: “You are under arrest, traitor!” Milorad Dodik invited Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić to Banja Luka and welcomed him with cheering crowds. Milorad Dodik hailed Aleksandar Vučić as ‘’the leading Serbian statesman in history.” In private Milorad Dodik assured his kiss-ass partner Aleksandar Vučić that together ‘’we can create Greater Serbia.” The term Greater Serbia describes the Serbian nationalist and irredentist ideology of the creation of a Serb state which would incorporate all regions of traditional significance to Serbs, a South Slavic ethnic group, including regions outside modern-day Serbia that are partly populated by Serbs. Milorad Dodik reminded Aleksandar Vučić that they were political brothers. Both believed in a powerful dictator who dangled people, and state corporations like puppets on strings. Slowly but surely this era is coming to an end.

Rich TVX News Visits David Dragičević’s Grave – Pravda Za Davida

Republika Srpska

Republika Srpska (Serbian CyrillicРепублика Српскаlit.‘Republic of Srpska’, pronounced [repǔblika sr̩̂pskaː] (audio speaker iconlisten)) is one of the two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the other being the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the north and east of the country. Its largest city and administrative centre is Banja Luka, lying on the Vrbas river. Republika Srpska was formed in 1992 at the outset of the Bosnian War with the stated intent to safeguard the interests of the Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The war saw the expulsion of the vast majority of Croats and Bosniaks from the territory claimed by Republika Srpska and an inflow of Serbs expelled from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following the Dayton Agreement of 1995, Republika Srpska achieved international recognition as an entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today most of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Serb population lives in Republika Srpska. Republika Srpska is a parliamentary-style government, with the National Assembly holding legislative power within the entity. Republika Srpska is relatively centralised, although it is split into 64 municipalities called opštine.[8] The legislature holds 83 seats, and the current session is the tenth since its founding.


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