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Unveiling the Intriguing Meeting of Vladimir Putin

Unleashing Crimea Chaos, and Unveiling Sevastopol's Momentous Role

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Vladimir Putin Chairs Meeting Despite Illness

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Vladimir Putin, despite feeling unwell, led a meeting to discuss the progress of spring field work. Instead of using a double as a substitute, Putin assigned Dmitry Patrushev, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia and son of Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, as the main speaker. This decision could be seen as a disrespectful gesture, considering the involvement of a prominent ally’s son. During the meeting, Putin displayed discomfort by audibly groaning, breathing heavily, and clenching his fists while struggling to control his trembling. After an hour of enduring this, he visibly expressed relief and concluded the meeting. Putin has shown significant loyalty and even sympathy towards Dmitry Patrushev, which dates back to recent times. There have been discussions within Putin’s family regarding a potential union between his daughter Katerina and Dmitry, but these plans never materialized.

Instead, Katerina entered a relationship with Shamalov, whom Putin openly disapproved of but eventually accepted. Subsequently, Katerina became involved with the dancer Zelensky, and once again, Putin accepted the situation. Dmitry Patrushev, known for his numerous romantic relationships, also pursued his personal life independently, disregarding his father’s suggestions to express interest in Katerina. If this family connection had come to fruition, a power transition in Russia would have likely taken place, but circumstances prevented it.

Nevertheless, Putin chose not to risk disrespecting Nikolai Patrushev, who currently holds the second most influential position in Russia. Furthermore, Nikolai Patrushev is leading a significant plan to reorganize power structures and property distribution. Putin, who was informed of the plan at the start of spring, has generally supported the Secretary of the Security Council due to his persistence and persuasive arguments. The plan devised by Nikolai Patrushev involves a significant reshuffling of power and influence within law enforcement agencies and other power structures. Putin, understanding the potential advantages, has given his approval to the plan. The main goal is to establish a more unified and cohesive force within law enforcement agencies, thereby reducing the likelihood of chaos during political crises. The plan specifically aims to diminish the power and influence of individuals aligned with different factions who currently hold leadership positions in these agencies.

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Russia’s use of Crimea as a strategic base has caused widespread chaos. Throughout history and in the present, Sevastopol has been a crucial tool for Russia to exert influence over other nations. Professor Sarah Payne, an expert in history and strategy at the US Naval Academy, argues that the international community should be invested in returning the peninsula to Ukraine. Not only is Crimea an integral part of Ukrainian territory, but it also houses the most important naval base in the Black Sea. As long as Russia maintains control over Sevastopol, the Middle East and Eastern Africa, particularly the Horn of Africa, will remain vulnerable to instability.

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However, if Sevastopol were no longer under Russian control, it would hinder the Russian Federation’s ability to sustain military operations in the Middle East and Africa. Maritime access is crucial for logistical support in military interventions. By retaining control of Sevastopol, Russia can strengthen its Syrian bases in Tartus and Latakia, extending its reach throughout the eastern Mediterranean and into Africa. Losing Sevastopol would significantly limit Russia’s capabilities, as the port of Novorossiysk is inadequate to assume a comparable role. Russian warships would have to rely on three other fleets—the Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad, the more distant Northern Fleet operating beyond the Arctic Circle, and the Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka—to reach the Mediterranean, involving vast distances.

Currently, the private military company “Wagner” operates in several countries, including Syria, Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Mali, Mozambique, and Chad. Without suitable military bases, Russia would struggle to effectively sustain these campaigns. Sevastopol lies at the core of this predicament, and its removal is deemed necessary according to the article. The global community is increasingly recognizing the Crimean issue as more than just a geopolitical anomaly within Ukraine. This broader analysis represents a significant breakthrough in the second year of a large-scale war and the seventh year of Crimea’s occupation.


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