Trump's "Plan" to regain the presidency from Joe Biden "Shocking"

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  • If everyone would stand 🧍‍♂️ strong we will take back. America 🇺🇸

  • Can't understand why people in our government are not being held accountable for destroying this country

  • If we don't destroy every demonic Democrat on this Earth immediately then God will completely end us all for allowing these evil creatures to exists . find a democrat destroy it these are not Americans these are not human these ARE demonic demons sent from hell to test humanity of it's loyalty to God . we are choosing Satan allowing his demons to exist and be some of our public officials they're all falsely elected and were never meant to be looked at or thought of or considered human find em folks let's bring these demons to justice and live happily ever after in the name of Jesus AMEN

  • Welcome to socialism America. Like all socialistic countries and dictators they take your rights away they take your guns away and wait until they take our food away. I bet none of those Democrats asked once when they screamed how they were going to talk to Rich how that was going to be done especially when they were themselves one of those elite rich people. Anybody with a brain nose that you would not text yourself or take away your own money. and you might as well forget about any investigation cuz I'll be just like with Hillary Clinton it'll all be a farce it'll be like a fart in the wind and they will get away with it once again.

  • Well as usual, cover up the truth with a photo ( good choice) but this censorship is crazy. Trying to hide the truth. They will show the corrupt ones. Shows us all who Big Tech is for! Cover up anything the "legal" rioters do

  • This is THE PLAN!!!!!!!!😜💥✌❤🙏🇺🇸🌎

  • March ! Maybe an historical month.lets wait and see. Someone turn on the fan .The 💩is ready.

  • Know now how the world countries hate us and want to kill us. DEMOCRATS and the lies of the media

  • Stop with the RIP BIDEN crap. You are not making it look good for the right. Who ever thought up this approach needs to be fired

  • We need the President Donald Trump because he was the winner!!!!!!!!’on 03-11-30



  • Crimminal reform. God bless our police. The devil take our crimminals

  • I pray god that you might protect us from these devils

  • Give me liberty or give me death Patrick Henry. God bless Donald Trump. I hate Nancy pelosi

  • I hope that's very soon God will get all those evil corrupt demonized individuals that seek to destroy us to make them sicker than they R so they cant fundamentally do anything of any kind except loose an go more bunkers

  • The honest faithful good hard-working citizens of this world needs to stand up and voice their concerns those demons that are making the laws and killing us because all those Elites are doing is repeating lies until society believes the demonized evil corruption meanwhile they r building up their bank accounts period.

  • That coca 19 relief bill it's only two benefit the evil Elites that kill us all and nobody cares nobody seems to follow it until 3 years have gone by the ones Distributing the money the one getting it r evil an use the money to destroy

  • Killing babies that don't have a voice don't have any motion yet but cry whoever does that needs to be staked out in the desert under the hot sun let God bake you for it will take
    longer than abortion

  • Take your shoes off and put poverty-stricken people shoes on how do you want to get treated think about that

  • Texas seems to be the only County under control their are county's that are questionable whoever is in charge needs to be investigated in every one of those county's that's democratic funded that burn that's sickening

  • Come on Trump, get your butt back here we need you here before Biden ruins the whole country

  • That's breeding making babies and politics dammit spelling sorry about that that's voicing texting deliberately mistaken words

  • God bless you I know that women have problems sometimes but breathing and aborting for money and politics we should not be questioning those individuals anymore

  • Good it was his anyway. Biden couldn't win a ass kicking contest with a one leagged man without cheating

  • The Assault on police officers is unacceptable stand up law enforcement if you have to step on people to enforce it do it

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