The Joe Cozzo Show – Tucker Carlson: The Tale Of Two Idiots 6/14/21

Kamala Harris’s trip to Latin America was a complete and utter embarrassment to America. But when you think things couldn’t get worse, enter Joe Biden at the G7 Summit.

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  • Russia should be part of our alliance.

  • Happy flag hugger's day!! (45 is 75)

  • Awesome show Brother Joe/Joey your an awesome Patriot and a very intelligent man by the Grace of God's Spirit, The Holy Spirit… Thank You For Your Faith and Speaking the Truth.

  • He needs to come back this year, after the audits.

  • I am wondering if there will be a day where the entire world will do what these people fear will happen …
    They may be hunted down if they keep it up..
    I hope it doesn't come to this but I know it will , they won't stop until they are stopped.

  • Did I miss the Tucker reference inside the video (aside from the borderline clickbait title)?

  • Biden and Harris make a great pair , they are both liars and idiots.

  • hah @37:20 hahah government get together for greener hahah Atheist vagabond uneducated loser of life like pelosi atheist idiots,.. who is clapping @45:15,..and the definition of an atheist(does not believe in a god) @46:00 also he solidifies how he is a lifelong pathological liar "is not a joke" he uses that or says some other normal he says can't think of it right now but it is another sign of how he knows most words, if not all, that come out of his mouth speaking is a lie

  • No way Mike Pence?Even if Trump doesn't run. No No No

  • We want him back now

  • they don't shake hands or hug because they are obviously all atheist and believe in the 3rd grade science project called Green New Deal aka atheists

  • Mike Pence should just retire!
    Not voting for a traitor!

  • I am racist… the "Human Race" of course

  • Black people are well aware of what Republicans represent,they watch presidential debates like anyone else.Dems give minorities affirmative action,freebies,govt. sugar,BLM and Antifa and a lot of minorities like that stuff and are also racist towards white peoole,stop kidding yourself.

  • KEK was Here

  • Omgosh JOE! That's so true man – I remember when he said, "White Supremacy is the greatest threat to America" – hahaha – Dem idiots! Pieces of Vile Shit all of them that are manipulating the masses to suit their end goal. Ugh.. then he changes it to "Climate Change" and people believe them still? Freaking A man!! So frustrating!! I just like all people need to just trust the LORD and know evil will have its day of judgement!!

  • No demoncraps are not winning

  • Too much nonsense talk joe… instead of you going to other foreign country,, Go visit the border with harris!!!!
    Oh well,,, you won’t really care coz you’re part this agenda. Wake up sleepy joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to the GREATEST & LEGITIMATE president, Donald J Trump!!!
    We LOVE you!! 🇺🇸God Bless America🇺🇸

  • I agree with never Pence. He is a deep stater.

  • #1 2024 MAGA elect Donald Trump President
    #2 I don't care what party they belong to, I want all corrupt politicians called to account for their crimes and aldo election fraudsters prosecuted.

  • We want our duly elected President Trump back NOW. If we don't fix the vote NOW, we will be relinquishing our Republic.

  • Happy Birthday to my president Donald J Trump ❤ yes pres. Trump is the best president ever

  • On June 2. 2021 I posted this on BCP Report: “[…] No, former Vice President Biden will not talk to President Putin face to face on June 16. The handlers of “President Teleprompter” will conjure up an excuse to do this online – or preferably not at all.”

    🎁 🥳 HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY on june 14, MR. PRESIDENT 👑 TRUMP!❣️🎉 🥂🍾🎂


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