The Joe Cozzo Show – For Some Americans, Buyers Remorse Is Real 7/30/21

President Biden is now demanding that everyone, including the vaccinated, mask up. The CDC bases its recommendations on an outbreak recording zero deaths.

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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • This is like the nazi's. I bet it's the same thing they did to the jews. It's worse. Because it's a controlling groups. They just have to fix economy wtf

  • Republicans need to remember it is the cops that actually force these restrictions upon us. Cops are the terrorists the people need to fear.

  • 28:51 here’s Ninny Piglosi breaking her own mask mandate mask 😷 👀

  • Trump wrestled with the Giant Panda 🐼

  • Good truthful news show, ty Joe!

  • I think that the Democrats are lying about the variant just to scare us

  • Biden won trump lost

  • They “have” to wear it because of the horrible unvaccinated! Not until their children are vaccinated will the vaccinated be truly free!

  • I will not be forced to ‘mask’ because the Fifty Shades of Gray Karen’s love being spanked and dominated by Daddy.

  • Great show today.. thank you Joe👍🇺🇸😊

  • The people I saw take the VAX had NO hesitation,,,,,they all had high fives for each other,,,it was a badge of honor NO research, NO interest in another point of view or information. As a matter of fact it was more like WE are the smart ones! I am no longer privey to their thoughts these days……I’m sure they have a different thought about it all now. No longer are they going to be so quick to DISCRIMINATE and isolate us STUPID people,,,A lesson and eye opener as to how quickly people become COMMIES!

  • They will use fear again – especially near an Election… Xiden's America.

  • Why are tye Democrats bringing the virus over the Border and then even spreading it to your city with transportation hmm

  • Cross contamination of the vac and the virus at the Border hmmm

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