Red White & Truth w/ Mike Crispi – The Dems Cling To Power Ft. Curtis Sliwa & Mario Balaban 7/29/21

The Democrat party is in free-fall and as their grasp on power begins to slip, we are witnessing a shameless, gruesome last-ditch effort by them to maintain control at all costs. They could care less about winning over voters with their ideas and instead are resorting back to their classic tactics of: “instilling fear”, “censoring the opposition” and “blaming Trump for everything.” We are joined by Curtis Sliwa, Republican Nominee for New York City Mayor, to discuss how to restore power back to the people as well as Mario Balaban of Project Veritas to break down how to hold the ruling class accountable.

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  • We are at war with China and the left.
    china has subverted everything.
    Deliberate unleasing of the Wuhan virus on to the world
    Stock market manipulation (IPO fraud).
    USA has lost billions (luckin coffee,didi nikola motors) china is robbing usa blind.
    Intellectual property theft on a grand scale.
    Threathening all countries in south east asia.
    Threathening Taiwan with invasion.
    Border war with India.
    Stealing the south china sea
    Stealing fish around the world.
    genocide and supresion of uighurs.
    Devils pact with the Taliban.

  • LYING CHEATING and avoiding TRUTH & FACTS is the ONLY way democrats can win elections.

  • this is a JOKE, am I watching a drama sequence these people are in the wrong field, shame on you, wake up America enough is enough!!!!

  • BIDEN keeps borders open. PELOSI raises TRILLIONS in proposed TAXES to cover open border COSTS !!! That’s so WRONG !!!

  • I wouldn’t give 2 squirts of PISS to save RINO Mitch McConnell or MARXIST Nancy Pelosi. These two CAREER CRIMINAL and HIGH TREASON TRAITORS should be removed from office ASAP !!!


  • Pelosi is smart enough to get out, when will other Dems followed?

  • WHY IN THE F………….. ARE THEY ALL F…………….. CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! BOTTOM FEEDERS!!!!!! GARBAGE!!!!!!!


  • People are rejecting Godless Communism.

  • The fauxident sleepy said (a couple of months ago) that there are new strains but the v a x works on the new strains. The uproar on that was how he leaned into the child when he said that.

  • Elections are remembered by people unfortunately💜

  • Probably not even human

  • I can't hardly even watch the demoncrats. Schiff makes me sick to my stomach!

  • That was set up by the dems .that whole show in January 6 th

  • Oh my god GOD stop crying LIARS👎👎 …. ALL BS VERY SAD 👎 …… GOD IN CONTROL 🙏🙏🇱🇷

  • An experimental V ?????

  • Yes low life sub humans

  • The enemy is running America

  • Makes the blood boil ….

  • Finally an Alpha Male Narrator/Reporter! You Go Man! I am so sick of everyone capitulating to the Phony Demoncrats Narratives! Good dissection of the insane antics of these Lizard Brain Fanatics! Thank you for the Sunlight on these insane moments in our Nations History!

  • AOC was almost killed to death over a block away ! That black cop is full of shit, there's audio and visual of pretty much every where of the " insurrection" no one was shouting anything like that ! But ya know the leftards gotta throw in racism!

  • If Bidens administration would stop letting covid infected illegals in and then in the secret of night move them to every state to spread this bull sht!

  • Boo whoo whoo…hey why don't they go and get in the middle of the riots they sponsored all summer. They are all communist pushers and this is just a continuation of their plan to trick us into submission. It ain't going to happen a holes. We know better! We will fight you democrats so bring it on.

  • Happy Friday America

    Lets smile for a moment

    The Delaware Police endorsed President Trump. YES .

    Delaware voted for Trump

  • Pathedic bunch of pussies!!!!

  • Wait a minute.the Democrats said that they don't like the police they want to defund them these currupt criminals are going down and they no it .if they were real cop's they should have arrested All of those criminals that was right there in front of them

  • Donald said it’s not me, it’s you they are coming after. I am just in the way? Selah.

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