The Joe Cozzo Show – Lies And Deceit: The History of The CDC 7/29/21

The CDC’s credibility is in shambles. The fact that vaccinated people must wear masks indoors is not science; it’s politics and a power grab by the Democrats.

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  • Guidance is not law, mandates are not law, and neither the CDC nor any executive office can force an American citizen to do anything. Only the legislature can make laws.
    "Where rights secured in the Constitution are involved, there shall be no rulemaking or legislation which would abrogate them. " ( Miranda vs Arizona, p 491 )

  • The delta variant is gearing up to the next shut down I'm afraid

  • Look up Dr. Robert McCullah on vax

  • Why don't Amish get covid? They don't have television. If everyone turned away from the media, most of all problems would disappear. Would you buy a used car from any of these grifters?

  • Do not comply! These corrupt people shall not prevail!

  • Joe……the dems need to be removed…..with every dollar printed removes value of the dollar…..
    Your country is a dream embodied in an ideal…… however its taken 6 months to destroy the greatest country on earth


  • The only power they have….is what you give them. Nobody has to comply..they ask you to do something at work that's off and you don't agree with….quit your job! You can get another one. They need don't need them.

  • It's commies vs americans.

  • Notice when the teachers came off their months long paid vacation and back into the classroom, it was suddenly discovered the COVID doesn't grow on surfaces so there's no need to disinfectant surfaces to contain the virus. You think maybe the teachers complained, 'Ain't no way I'm wiping down 30 desks and chairs in between classes. I'm not a maid!!' The science changed….how convenient.

  • Fire the cdc again please

  • I hate joe cozzo's awful voice?

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