Jan 6 Commission a PARTISAN INVESTIGATION–Pelosi Cover-Up?

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “One America News Network” to discuss House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 commission, concerns about how it is being run, and the stonewalling by Capitol Police & Pelosi over releasing more information about the event. READ MORE https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-releases/bank-data-jan-6/

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  • Keep it going Tom! The world must see how corrupt Pelosi and her partisan posse really are! Thank God for Patriots such as yourself!


  • The first question should be "who gained by the riots". The true patriots were there to watch and support the Representives from the states, the establishment political class was the only people who gained from the riots, which puts this in Pelosi's lap, for allowing the opposition and paid agitators into the capital.

  • Wow the Republicans Officials Speech so Beautiful we the Americans People Agreed with the Republicans Officials,
    Congress Senators Governors Mayors must Remove
    NANCY PELOSI before November.

    Now we the Americans People wants to know when will the Actions Will be taking place Against the Impeachment of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Maxim Waters and the Democrats Officials or Just Beautiful Speech.

    Republicans Officials Speech so Beautiful we the Americans People Agreed with the Republicans Officials,Congress Senators Governors Mayors you have all Prove and Witnesses to Impeach Democrats Officials , When or Just Talk to Tickle the Americans People and their Families.?

    To the Americans Citizens, and the World Leaders,

    Remember the One World Order , Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Maxim Waters and the Democrats Officials,
    How to implement a One World Order, by putting a Micro Chips in a human being when there will be coming more Chaos, Jobs and Foods Shortage.

    Only those who have the Micro Chips in them then they are allow to buy Foods and allow to work.

    Now to the World Leaders,

    China Communists Party is the Root of All Evils and the Cause for the World Problem in the World the Starting by Realising the Viruses and those Countries that are with China Communist Party ideology are the Soldiers of SATAN.

    The Next move is to Destroy Religion around the World And Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party will Implement the Communists Religion, the Anti Christ is Evil Xiang Ji Ping remember he claim to have his own Bible.

    So now to the World Leaders if the World Leaders don’t stop China Communist Party Xiang Ji Ping than prepare for Evil Xiang Ji Ping to take Over the World and Xiang Ji Ping is preparing the Coming of Satan.

    If the World Leaders can’t See the Wrong things that Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party is doing to the World than How can the World Leaders wants to see the TRUTH.

    Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party Ideology is Using Money, Trade to Destroy the World.

    To All World Leaders and Americans Leaders

    Sanctions China Communist Party Ideology Now and Destroy Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party Ideology. Or Face the Destruction in your Countries. 11.

  • Sir democrats are following the corrupt FBI and CIA and now trying to go after Trump

  • 👉Pelosi said she was incharge ,not Trump ,and said she
    sent the capital police home that day. On Jan 6, 2020.

    In another statement
    Pelosi said On National Tv news said she knew their
    was a threat on the capital.

    So why did She send the police home? And not call them back. She said she was in charge. She had the authority.

    @FBI , @CIA , and @news reporters and investigators.Her statement is on record somewhere. It was announced on TV.
    ✔️ Check Tv news media referencing Pelosi in this matter.

    If Pelosi knew there was a threat.

    Why was Her son n law was inside the capital that same day
    posing upstairs with people. Was her son n law questioned?

    Also, please ask for FULL FILM 📽️ footage of officer running upstairs .
    The film footage was altered. As the news media kept repeating the same footage. Suddenly people disappear like the camera guy in the doorway at the top of the stairs filming the policeman running up the stairs and His baton was on the floor up stairs.
    How did it get there if he is running up the stairs?

    Sorry, my first thought It looked like it was staged.

    Many different footage was repeated but was altered.
    Also, Please request and watch unedited FULL FILM 🎥 FOOTAGE ON Jan 6, 2020.
    Also request the film footage Before and after the event .
    It should uncover some answers for your investigation.

    Some footage showed People changing clothes, but the same footage on the news images was altered and removed. Why?
    Who altered the camera 🎥 footage?
    As they kept repeating the same camera footage People appeared to multiply and disappeared in the same camera footage .
    ✔️The news footage it seemed to be in a loop. With altered images.
    People were appearing and disappearing .

  • When I was watching TV Live January 6th at the Capitol there was a man in military fatigues at the front door when the police were waving their men and the Man in the military fatigues he was a black man he said this is not right what happened to that man

  • America won't last another 6 months at this rate. Members of congress are being denied access to those who were arrested Jan 6th. The same people who make laws fair, are denied access to the prison they are held in.

  • we Capital police who are not all up in their feelings 😫😫😫🖕🖕 waaaaa,waaa,waaa

  • Much Love to JW doing all this heavy lifting.

  • zero consequences for the DemonCrats

  • Oh man did I ever stumble upon a channel for crazies! Is this place a joke?

  • Protect Tom Fitton!

  • The Demon-crats wanted this, soon with all this Covid nonsense you will not be able to travel through the US without papers, just as it was in Hitlers Nazi Germany, and conservatives will be treated, and are now, like the Jews were by the Nazis.

  • Just like the Russia collusion narrative…. 👎🏽

  • This is a coverup for their stealing an election! They have to go! Pelosie planned and supported this sham investigation! Hypocrites!

  • It’s a crime to the people Ashli Babbitt’s death has been ignored. All I know about her is: She was a soldier, a patriot, a wife, and a mother. She deserves justice!!!!!
    And the videos of her getting shot needs to be removed from the internet ASAP! If it’s not her child will one day watch his mother die. Over and over again. Could you imagine what that would do to a child. Or an adult for that matter.

  • Judicial watch is the GREATEST!

  • Everything Judicial Watch does is patriotic, essential and true. Yet, nothing ever comes of it. We are living in a dystopian nightmare. Cherish one another. Be free. Awaken the naive.

  • We do not have a Democracy. We have a Republic. Just correcting you as there is a huge difference between the two. Keep up the good work!

  • It’s all bull crap I know lots of people who went and said there was no violence other than those in government. Government put tear gas on peaceful people.

  • They r biggest liars. This 1-6 thing is a big lie. Nancy & her crew probably had this all planned to hurt Pres Trump. Thought 1 of the Capitol Police shot Ashli Babbitt. Shes behind all of this….Nancy. Bet alot was on her laptop.

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