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President Nikola Sandulović criticizes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, calls for sanctions

Republican Party Holds Press Conference at UNS Press Center - Breaking News


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President Nikola Sandulović criticizes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, calls for sanctions

New York ( — The Republican Party of Serbia held a press conference on Friday, 3rd February 2023 at 1 p.m., at the UNS Press Center located at 6/III Knez Mihailova, Belgrade. The subject of the press conference was the stance of the Republican Party on the current political scenario in Serbia and the world. The participants included the President of the Republican Party, Nikola Sandulović; the Vice President of the Republican Party, Mihajlo Todić; the President of GO Kraljevo, Radoslav Đorić; and the President of Leskovac Municipality, Dejan Živković. These participants are well-respected figures in Serbian politics and their presence at the press conference emphasizes the importance of the topic being discussed. Mr. Mihajlo Todić opened the conference in a professional manner and read the statement from Rich TVX News Networks. He expressed gratitude to Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his team and recommended the SSRN paper, “The Russian Business Retreat – How the Ratings Measured Up One Year Later,” written by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Tymofiy Mylovanov, Nataliia Kapoval, Steven Tian, Andrii Onopriienko, Georgia Hirsty, and Michal Wyrebkowski. Mr. Todić’s introduction set the tone for a focused and informative conference, and his endorsement of the SSRN paper highlights the importance of academic research in shaping our understanding of the current political landscape. He then explained that the current leader, Aleksandar Vučić, is engaging in censorship of the real opposition, including the Republican Party, by controlling their media appearances.Then the floor was given to the President of the Republican Party, Nikola Sandulović, who once again reaffirmed the party’s commitment to democratic values and criticized Aleksandar Vučić for not imposing sanctions on Russia for their invasion of Ukraine. He expressed strong disapproval of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin for the invasion of Ukraine. Sandulović also criticized Gabriel Escobar, the Deputy Assistant Secretary responsible for policy towards the Western Balkans, for his approach to politics in the region, questioning his suitability for the role. The topic Kosovo was also discussed, with President Sandulović suggesting that the US intelligence community should take a closer look at Richard Grenell’s activities in Albania.

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