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Putin’s Emulation of Hitler’s Tactics Leading Russia Towards Madness

The Reichstag Fire: A Historical Reminder

Putin’s Emulation of Hitler’s Tactics Leading Russia Towards Madness

New York ( — Preparations for the May 9 parade have commenced in Moscow, with equipment being transported from various parts of the country. Forbes has estimated the cost of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, which amounts to $114.4 billion. This is equivalent to one third of Russia’s total budget for 2022. The majority of these expenses were allocated towards providing for troops, which cost approximately $36 billion, while $24.7 billion was spent on military salaries. There has been an increase in Russian propaganda efforts in German-speaking areas, where the Russians are using various tactics to discredit their opponents, following the KGB’s “dentist method.” This strategy involves spreading false information, discrediting opponents, and manipulating public opinion to achieve their desired outcomes.The spread of disinformation and propaganda can have significant consequences, such as fueling political polarization and undermining trust in democratic institutions. The KGB Dentist Method is a tactic used by the Soviet intelligence agency to eliminate its opponents. The idea behind the method is that just as a dentist must remove teeth one by one to fix a problem, so too must the KGB/FSB remove its opponents one by one to maintain control. This approach involves a thorough and systematic process of identifying, surveilling, and neutralizing anyone who poses a threat to the regime. The KGB/FSB dentist method is not only brutal but also effective, as it instills fear in potential opposition and ensures the survival of the regime. 90 years ago, a fire erupted in Berlin that resulted in the destruction of German democracy at that time. The burning of the Reichstag paved the way for Hitler’s dictatorship by granting him the power to persecute opponents and enforce brutal repression. In a similar vein, Putin’s alleged involvement in the 1999 bombings of residential buildings is akin to the Reichstag arson. Putin has long attempted to emulate Hitler’s tactics, although this was not immediately apparent. His actions have plunged Russia into a state of madness and warfare. Russian officials are using deceptive rhetoric to give the impression that their country’s war in Ukraine is essential for the survival of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, have both made statements claiming that the war in Ukraine is an existential threat to Russia’s continued existence. However, we believe that this language is an attempt to exaggerate the stakes of the conflict and stir up support for the war within Russia. By framing the war in Ukraine as vital for Russia’s survival, Putin may be trying to distract from his military failures and win support for the war effort. Furthermore, this language could be used to accuse Ukraine and the West of threatening Russia’s survival, which may be used as a pretext to force Kiev to accept Russian demands. Ultimately, these rhetorical tactics are intended to create fear and instability in the West and persuade them to take actions that favor Russia’s interests. Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin stated that Russia has no intention of withdrawing from the WTO and the IMF as such a move could result in an artificial isolation of the national economy.