One America News 12/25/2020 4AM – Breaking Trump News 12/25/2020 – Trump White House 12/25/20

One America News 12/25/2020 4PM – Breaking Trump News 12/25/2020 – Trump White House 12/25/20

One America News 12/25/20
Breaking Trump News 12/25/20

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  • Easier to hack than, to steal 1960's Auto? Yep! [ECCEPT IT'S MUCH WOURCE] You can drive away with the numbers! from Russia & China!!@! VOTES #'S SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER?

  • …Okay here we are…it's Christmas and the New Year is just around the corner. A time for new beginnings. But we need to go into the New Year with our eyes wide open and our hearts as well. The truth is this President continues to sow chaos and division. While we wait to see if help is coming, he's golfing. And if that isn't enough now we've had the largest cyber attack in our nation's history and Drumpt (his real last name) vetoes the Defense Bill which would have "bolstered cyber security". Trump’s former national security advisor calls his veto of the Defense Bill “The shameful last act of a failed presidency.” And why would Trump do it? Because he's once again shielding his friends, like the loyalists he just pardoned. He's always had plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow with Putin living in the Penthouse.

    Let's be honest here, Trump is a man who wanted to be President mainly to increase his own wealth. To do so he's bent over backwards to please his Russian allies, protecting them at all costs even at the expense of his own country. Watch this…It's by a former staff member of The Apprentice who worked with Trump and witnessed things up close.

    It's one thing to watch Trump on TV or to see him from a distance at a rally but what if you had a chance to meet the man. I did and I wrote an Op-ed piece entitled HOW I MET THE REAL DONALD TRUMP. It's my personal experience meeting him and my impressions of his presidency. Mine is a little story, a very brief snapshot and yet it still speaks volumes. I've always felt you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat strangers. And no I didn't interrupt a private conversation as some people have accused me. I took my time and made sure I wasn't interrupting anything before I approached. I'm sharing my personal encounter because it adds to a much larger picture, one Trump's own SISTER Maryann contributes to, one his NIECE Mary Trump adds to as well. Even people in his own administration have started coming forward doling out a truer telling, people like Olivia Troye who witnessed some disturbing behavior first hand. All of these pieces when you examine them separately and together paint an alarming picture of this man. As you well know, what you see is not always what you get. That has never been truer than now. If you're curious to have a fuller picture you can read my piece at the following link…all I ask is that you read it with an open mind then draw your own conclusions…

    Wishing everyone only the best, and please stay safe and healthy.

  • Great job OAN true journalism on your part. My only concern is that this will all be swept under the rug and the Bidens will not go to jail. This is what is wrong with our two-tier justice system, one for the people and one for the corrupt government agencies along with their swamp-dwelling politicians.

  • And Trump is playing golf at his private club. Great job !

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