Iranian hostility increasing one year after Soleimani's death

As hostility from Iran continues to mount the Trump administration is redoubling its efforts against the violent regime. One America’s Hans Hubbard reports.

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  • Iran needn't worry. In a couple of weeks we will be sending them hundreds billions of dollars in reparations to apologize and try to pay them to not attack us.

  • We have needed to take these people out since the 70's… how long must we listen to them chant DEATH TO AMERICA ???

  • What would Jimmy Carter do!🤔😄

  • Within weeks of starting Biden will start a war! Just wait and see!

  • General Soleimani must’ve had a bad case of dandruff…. the clean up crew said they found his head and shoulders in the glove box

  • Israel and the US are the biggest terror organizations worldwide. Iran has every right to be pissed who wouldn’t be in their shoes.

  • They're gearing up this nonsense for Biden and all the news networks will carry water for Biden blaming Trump for sending Americans back in.

  • Who cares, they can't hurt us!

  • Thats right, it is a holiday to celebrate

  • The Federal reserve Bank since it's conception has had the United States military attack other countries so they can put a bank their Central Bank so they can rob these countries of their wealth and now somebody's speaking up against us and American people are shunned for what our government does I think the American people need to take their government back so we can protect us from foreign invasion that we see in our public officials that we have an office now

  • Iran is public enemy #1 to the Middle East like China has become to the west.

  • White hats and dark hats

  • The new administration will start a war with them. They need it, the war money machine needs to start turning again. It'll all be DJT's fault despite all the decades of corruption.

    The brainwashed masses will buy it.

  • I think it’s time for a world meeting made public, to start pointing the proper light at the darkness gripping our planet. We need a global effort to take this Virus out!

  • Oh look already gearing up to take us back to war

  • death? the cia murdered the general after inviting him to a peace talk. they have every right to be hostile.

  • Iran being hostile about Sulimani is quite understandable. How would America feel if Pence was blown up whilst driving around abroad?

  • they think biden will give them money because he is a weakling. north korea will follow.

  • 2021 is a good year for TRUMP to bomb another general…space force USA

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