World Economic Forum: Pandemic is unique opportunity to implement ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism

With a lot of buzz surrounding the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset initiative, many have wondered what exactly this group of political and business leaders are aiming to do. One America’s Shane Althaus has more.

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  • Cosmologists says: the great reset will only happen if the big crunch theory is right.

  • President Trump made it clear on January 2020, at the World Economic Forum in Davos that he is against the GREAT RESET.

    Great Reset, Agenda 21, The United Nations “17 Sustainable Goals” – all of this sounds so harmless, and if you look at the Partners, Supporters and Members of the World Economic Forum, you will find all Billionaires, Companies like BlackRock, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and many others, plus George Soros and Bill Gates, too.

    Reset – means you have to set something back. These Globalist and Elites with the Support of Leaders of Nations and the UN, want to assign the World Power to Globalists and Governments – this sounds a bit like CCP, Communism and Totalitarian Oppression.

    But if you look at what they want to achieve with the GREAT RESET?

    It can only work if you wipe out half of world’s population – you must depopulate the planet.

    Isn’t this what the CCP is doing with their deadly generated Virus, and now their questionable Vaccines. Why else has Bill Gates invested heavily into Big Tech Pharma, and is launching 500 Satellites into the Orbit, to be able to send the 5G and 6G frequency to everywhere – and why else did he bought a company producing micro chips, and nano-particles, (intelligent software – which can be activated by certain frequencies),…..???

    You can only start again, and make a reset (like with your Mobile phone) if you agree that something will be wiped out and deleted. Climate Change Politics ?

    The Problems with Climate Change (Global Warming) is caused by the Overpopulation and too much Industry, too much cars, ships, planes and so on – air pollution. Mineral Resources are getting exhausted and they are not renewable, The Planet is unable to sustain and feed 8Billions or more people, soon there is no water, no food and so on.

    So you need to have a Great Rest, a New World Order – controlled by Globalists, Elite (Royal Families), controlled by CCP as the New Super Power dominating the world.

    In order to realize the Great Reset and the Sustainable Goals of the United Nations (in 2030), half of the World population must be wiped out. They already use all Fake Media around the world to distract people from the reality and what is really going on.

    I am sure they are all working to achieve this, first a deadly Virus, Economy collapse, billion of people under lockdown (better control, you have them all in a limited space), then questionable Vaccines – killing in 2 hours, within days, or implanting nano-particles in your body, to be activated whenever these Genocide crazy Guys want it…

    Great reset means you give the power to Globalist to Billionaires and the Governments – all the power to the Government, all your Rights will be abolished. They decide if you live or die, they decide where you can live, they decide what job you must do, or earn and if you are not useful to the world – then they dispose you. Fauci said – he needs 70-90% people vaccinated for so-called herd immunity …but he also said Vaccine does not protect you from the Virus?

    I congratulate every Leader of Nations, who stand up against Great Reset and Oppose the CCP.

    We must find better ways, to cope with the Problems of World Population and Climate Changes – United Nations, World Economic Forum and CCP – are not our Masters and they can’t dominate us and decide if we have the right to live or die. They have kept us all too long slumbering in the MATRIX – time to wake up.

  • They are global elite criminals!!

  • Some countries around the world have lower infection rates. Somalia has very low infection rates. They rates are very flat. That is very unusual.

  • Kill me if this crap is implemented. They'll be no reason to live.

  • I didn't vote for any of these creeps in the WEF. How can they control my life? What in the WORLD (pun intended) don't their supporters (aka: sheep) get about that?
    These "people" will have NO CHANGE to THEIR lifestyles (they're "elites", and are exempt from any and all laws), while the 'rest of us' will become subservient to their EVERY whim. The sheep are being corralled, and the slaughterhouses retooled. George Soros, Biden and Kameltoe are all-in on this leftist nonsense…..These people going into the White House were elected by the sheeple who actually believe that the world will become a UTOPIA. Utter nonsense!

  • Pretty sure Kraus is hitlers son


  • Ah yeah, I don't think so.

  • We don't need a Great Reset but a Great Awakening we need to repent and confess our sins and have Yahovah Forgive our sins and heal our land . America needs to get back to being Spiritually Righteous as a Nation.

  • Can't trust a guy that looks and sounds like a James Bond villain.

  • Sod off elitist

  • Are these Big Corporations gonna sacrifice their huge profits…they are the actual reason for runaway capitalism so how would they be fixing anything. End the Federal Reserve people, they keep getting the populace distracted with the red vs blue team while the Corporations rule us all

  • so what theyre saying is to keep printing money indefinitely because people believe in the fiat currency (money backed by faith and nothing more) i dont know how this is supposed to work when it comes to inflation. what are they going to do? outlaw a businesses right to inflate prices?? i think if this were possible, it would have been done already. it just sounds like a fairy tale

  • Citizens of the world. We should unite and stand together against this evil plan. All our governments are working together with them. Vote them away. Stop cooperating with the Covid plandemic. It is time to wake up.❤

  • This is why they want to get rid of Trump so badly

  • CAPITALISM from share holder capitalism to stake holder capitalism. Translated: COMMUNISM

  • Central planning.

  • 20 yrs ago people who said this was happening were called conspiracy theorists.

  • Only thing covid stole from me is my taste, but I'm getting it back.
    I don't need help from a great reset.
    This is the one world order written about in Revelations. So when government wants you to take some kind of a mark be warned…it's the mark of the BEAST!

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