Interview with IFRIT Leaks

How Armin Wolf blocked us on Twitter

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How Armin Wolf blocked us on Twitter

Interview with IFRIT Leaks

When was the last time you visited Last week? Yesterday? This morning? The site is probably open in one your internet browser tabs right now. is a true “David vs Goliath” story in news media, and the consolidating power brokers of today’s “social web” who are driving aggressively to further “corporatize” the Internet and social media with more control and censorship, but the problem with huge mainstream media corporations is that, by their very size, they can´t act quickly enough.

IFRIT Leaks is a influential alternative media and news aggregation website for national and international news. IFRIT Leaks is able to push a story out and make it the number one story on social media. The great crew of, can link to alternative stories, mainstream media stories, and really just focus on what IFRIT Leaks thinks is interesting for the readers.

IFRIT Leaks has huge amount of links, and more and more traffic. IFRIT Leaks also retweets from people like Kim Dotcom and entertainment magnate Richard Branson.

Ahead of his first foreign visit since his re-election in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a long interview to Austrian journalist Armin Wolf. The news [which surprised everyone] was that Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump talk “regularly,” the Russian president told Armin Wolf ahead of his visit to Vienna.

Read the Kremlin’s official English translation of the interview here. 
Neither the White House nor the Russian Embassy responded to requests for comment from Rich TVX. Armin Wolf is an Austrian journalist and television anchor. In 2017 Politico called him “one of Europe’s most skilled (and feared) political journalists”. After a tweet criticizing Armin Wolf, IFRIT Leaks was blocked from Armin Wolf’s Twitter account.

Story highlights

  • is a true “David vs Goliath” story.
  • IFRIT Leaks is a influential alternative media and news aggregation website.
  • IFRIT Leaks has huge amount of links, and more and more traffic.

The importance of social media in news production and news dissemination.
Social media is an increasingly disruptive force on the media landscape.

IFRIT Leaks speaks for the first time in an world exclusive interview with RICH TVX about Armin Wolf, Sebastian Kurz, Heinz-Christian Strache and more.

Why the name IFRIT?
IFRIT Leaks: That’s a shortcut for International Fellowship for Research & Investigation of Truth.

Can you talk about the layout design of the site?
IFRIT Leaks: It’s a very simple design, as you have to understand the psychology of the audience.

How do you see in comparison to other news aggregation sites?
IFRIT Leaks: We’re different than every other news aggregation site. is an accurate reflection of news as it is right now.

One thing we find interesting is the censorship that happens on social media. Is the Deep State Fake-News Network panicking because social media is used against them?
IFRIT Leaks: The Deep State Fake-News Network is trying to consolidate control, and there is a sense of panic about it, but we were there before mostly all of them. We have a very clear perception what the social media is. We are not defined by what they say, and by all their front organisations, and who they invest in for the latest start-up etc. We are completely independent. The attempt of the Deep State Fake-News Network to control reality, or control who talks to who, we don’t think is working anymore.

Kim Dotcom has announced that he would like to build a new social network. He described Facebook and Twitter as “deep state conspirators” and said it was “time for something better”. What are your thoughts on Kim Dotcom?
IFRIT Leaks: We consider him one of the most important Internet Innovators. He is a hero for having the courage to fight for his right. He comes across as a very intelligent and well spoken person. It’s just kind of ridiculous what the corrupt Hollywood system did to his life.

Is it true that IFRIT Leaks was blocked from Armin Wolf’s Twitter account?
IFRIT Leaks founder: Yes, it’s really a pity, as I have known Armin Wolf for about 34 years now, since he was a student in a small city in Austria. I´ve always respected him as a journalist, but this interview with Putin was not the best idea. You don´t ask someone like Putin such questions. All these questions to Putin were way too soft. I think a great opportunity was missed here.

What questions would you have asked Putin?
IFRIT Leaks: Certainly nothing about so-called “alpha male photos,” on which he (Putin) posed semi-naked.


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