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US policy think tank published a lengthy paper that advocated a Cold War 2.0 approach to China by the US

Nato And China’s Rising Power With Greater Assertiveness And Aggressiveness

Pro-Nato Atlantic Council Publishes Blueprint For Cold War With Beijing

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Nato And China’s Rising Power With Greater Assertiveness And Aggressiveness

NEW YORK ( – This Rich TVX News World Report states that the intelligence analysis indicates that it is of fundamental importance to preserve NATO as the primary instrument of Western defense and security as well as the channel for U.S. influence and participation in World security affairs. Drawing on Rich TVX News sources in the military-industrial complex, with the full support of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Department of State, the Atlantic Council published an extraordinary new strategy paper that offers one of the most insightful and rigorous examinations to date of Chinese geopolitical strategy.

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg Has Urged The West Not To Ignore China’s Growing Military Might

You Can Download The Document Here

The document specifically addresses designs on China, as the military monstrosity grows ever more powerful, arrogant, and aggressive. “The single most important challenge facing the United States in the twenty-first century is the rise of an increasingly authoritarian China,” says the anonymously-authored proposal for long-term conflict with China. One of the foremost US policy think tanks published a lengthy paper – unusually keeping the identity of its author a secret – that advocated a Cold War 2.0 approach to Beijing by the United States, according to the document, the United States also must work with the G7, NATO, and Asian treaty partners on this common China strategy with regular, built-in review mechanisms to measure success in achieving the strategy’s overall objectives. The foregoing summary of current views on the expansionist character of Communist China points to the conclusion that China’s behavior toward United States is motivated by China´s desire to become a major world Superpower.

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One thing is clear: China is coming ever closer to Europe’s doorstep,” he said. “NATO allies must face this challenge together. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Interview.

President Putin: The Chinese Are Trying To Provoke A War Between The U.S. & Russia

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Conflict Of The Two Worlds

United States attempt to contain China in her present borders as an impossible task, based on an unrealistic policy, as China’s leaders have reached their positions through guerrilla warfare in the past and likely will continue to employ guerrilla warfare against the United States to attain political objectives. You may say that the COVID-19 pandemic was part of China´s guerrilla warfare, is cited as another indication of the aggressive character of the regime in Beijing. Thus the collision course of war with the U.S. may continue, as China has always been expansionist, since every great Chinese empire from the Han through the Manchu has endeavored to move south. The present regime in Beijing is following this very same historic pattern by supporting insurgency throughout Southeast Asia, anxious to export a Chinese model of organization and cultural values. China’s foremost foreign policy objective is to achieve Superpower status and to expel the United States from Asia, thereby to exercise hegemony over those Asian nations, and to transform the nations of the earth into communist states according to the Chinese model. China desires to regain territory in Asia which at one time belonged to China, bringing China into conflict with both the United States and Soviet Russia, since a power the size of China with its vast population and cultural heritage as well as its militant Communist ideology will inevitably dominate the nations on its periphery despite U.S. efforts to maintain pro-western and neutralist regimes on the Asian mainland. Even NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned that China’s increasing influence had created a “fundamental shift in the global balance of power” that should not be overlooked.

Story Highlights

  • The Atlantic Council published an extraordinary new strategy paper.
  • The identity of its author(s) is a secret.
  • The document specifically addresses designs on China, as the military monstrosity grows ever more powerful, arrogant, and aggressive.

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The Guerrilla Warfare With United States That China Wants

Chine sees the United States as having weakened herself by occuping many places in the world, overreaching herself, stretching her fingers out wide and dispersing her strength. The Chinese regime thinks that the fingers of the American hand can be chopped off one by one with the COVID-19 pandemic for the chopping to begin. China warned the United States in the past, that if provocations continue along their trade wars “the Chinese side will resolutely strike back.” China was giving assistance to the Democratic Party, one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, dedicated to Chinese Plot to overthrow President Trump. In addition to inciting, sponsoring, and supporting wars throughout the world, the Chinese, according to the President Putin, are trying to provoke a war between the United States and Russia, so as to leave China as the dominant world Superpower.

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