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South African Dictator Cyril Ramaphosa Under Scrutiny

South Africa's Alarming Affinity for Russia and China Revealed

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Putin’s “Peacemaker” Chronicles Continue

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Vladimir Putin has once again introduced a new figure into his diplomatic endeavors, this time directing his attention towards Cyril Ramaphosa, the autocratic ruler of South Africa. Observing Putin’s endeavors is rather entertaining, particularly when one considers the considerable geographic gulf that separates Russia from South Africa. To assess the sincerity of Ramaphosa’s intentions, it is imperative to closely scrutinize his understanding of Russia’s war in Ukraine. His knowledge extends beyond mere news reports; he possesses detailed information about weapons transactions, UN conspiracies, and specialized information operations. The ruling African National Congress party has maintained long standing connections with Moscow, stemming from their shared struggle against apartheid. The present South African leader, similar to his bunker-residing predecessor, exhibits an inflated sense of grandiosity, advocating for a “fairer distribution of power” among nations, which effectively serves as a veiled critique of the United States. Russophilia appears to be a prevailing affliction within their national consciousness. As an example, the daughter of former President Jacob Zuma led a pro-Russian campaign on Twitter in support of the war against Ukraine. South Africa has become a permanent member of the consortium of disenchanted outcasts, actively aligning itself with Russia and China in international politics. When confronted with UN resolutions favoring Ukraine and opposing Russia, South Africa conveniently adopts a passive stance, with hands in pockets and eyes lowered. Furthermore, the country is a controversial participant in the BRICS coalition, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. On the anniversary of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, joint naval exercises were conducted by Russia, China, and South Africa. Merely a month ago, the United States accused South Africa of providing military supplies to Moscow.

In a further display of concerning actions, South Africa went as far as permitting a Russian cargo plane, which had previously been linked to illicit arms transfers on behalf of the Russians, to land at an air force base near Pretoria. Despite the South African Ministry of Defense’s feeble attempts to deny the true nature of the plane’s cargo, radar records indicate a different story. It is evident that the aircraft departed from the Russian military airfield “Chkalovsky” in the vicinity of Moscow on April 21, making several stops in the Middle East and Africa before arriving in South Africa. Just a few days ago, the occupant of the bunker initiated communication with his counterpart Ramaphosa, subsequently stirring up unease surrounding the prospects of peace in Eastern Europe. In a brazen move, this South African leader now positions himself as a negotiator, displaying an audacity that raises eyebrows. However, he does not plan to undertake this endeavor alone; he intends to assemble a group of influential African figures, including the heads of Senegal, Uganda, Egypt, the Republic of Congo, and Zambia—a collective that can be described as a legendary embodiment of banana democracy.

It appears that a rather peculiar phenomenon of enlightenment is spreading across the globe, specifically targeting the closest allies of the Kremlin. We witnessed this trend unfold first with China, then Brazil, and now South Africa. It has become quite intriguing to anticipate the moment when the foremost “martyr of peace,” Ayatollah Khamenei, the spiritual leader of Iran, decides to forgo drones and personally embark on a journey to Kyiv, presenting his own peace proposal. If we sift through the abundance of diplomatic rhetoric, one conclusion becomes apparent: the Kremlin suffers from a dearth of imagination, much like their faith in a promising future. The truth is, this group has no viable future, although they seem to be blissfully unaware of that fact. Having plundered the masses in their wake, this criminal faction now insists on maintaining the status quo.

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In recent days, Vladimir Putin, despite experiencing physical discomfort, presided over a virtual gathering with representatives hailing from the power and military blocs. It is worth highlighting that Putin, in stark contrast to preceding occasions, displayed a keen attentiveness, diligently assimilating the reports and actively participating in discussions concerning paramount issues. The military bloc delegates put forth notable assertions, claiming the complete neutralization of a Patriot system in Ukraine, alongside the successful interception of all Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles. Moreover, they provided reassurance to Putin, affirming that a nocturnal missile assault on Ukrainian territory had resulted in the total eradication of all preselected targets. The military leadership underscored their unwavering control over critical strategic positions, resiliently withstanding adversary pressure from various fronts, while also demonstrating efficacious counter offensives in specific sectors. This report momentarily assuaged Putin, albeit its respite proved fleeting.


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Subsequent to the address by the military leadership, Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, took the opportunity to voice his disapproval and criticize every aspect of the preceding report. Patrushev deemed the claims of complete annihilation of the Patriot system premature, citing insufficient evidence to substantiate such assertions. Furthermore, he expressed conditional confirmation solely regarding the interception of a solitary Storm Shadow missile, highlighting vulnerabilities present in certain sectors of the front, and dispelled any notion of genuinely effective counterattacks as merely fanciful thinking. Nevertheless, Patrushev did relay verified information to the President, confirming the successful interception of at least one Kinzhal missile, which had previously earned the reputation of being “elusive” and capable of evading all extant anti-missile and air defense systems. The military made attempts to challenge Patrushev’s assertions, but their arguments were promptly halted by Putin.

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Despite manifest indications of physical discomfort, Putin delivered a severe admonishment to the military leadership, commencing with a pointed rhetorical inquiry: “What conceivable intention drives you to confound my understanding?” His reproach extended for approximately ten minutes, casting aspersions upon the collective military leadership as well as individually targeting participants from the military bloc, highlighting their deficiencies in specific domains. Subsequently, the meeting delved into a spectrum of pressing concerns, albeit with the President assuming a peripheral role in moderating the discussions, evincing palpable weariness before ultimately adjourning the session. In the evening, adhering to his customary routine, Putin summoned medical professionals and availed himself of prescribed medication prior to finding respite in slumber. Delegating the task of engaging in video conference communication with governors, the President relied upon his doppelgänger, who capably discharged this responsibility.


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