Gaetz on OAN: The Misguided Priorities of the Pentagon & #FreeBritney

Britney Spears wants to tell her story to the world.

She wants to use the experiences that have happened to her to cause broader change, and I think we ought to give her that opportunity in the United States Congress.

(One America News, In Focus with Stephanie Hamill, 06/24/2021)


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  • FREE BRITNEY! 💪🙌💖 #FreeBritney

  • This is the most embarrassing way for America to be destroyed. We are being woke to death?

  • Let's get this straight: the FBI illegally spied on 16,000 Americans and the NSA is going to release information about it, but the NSA illegally spies on Americans too (for example, Tucker Carlson), the DOJ never investigated voter fraud and hid the Investigations into the Biden crime family from the public in the time leading up to the election, the FBI tried to frame Donald Trump in the Russian collusion investigation and incited a riot at the Capitol on January 6, people from the Capitol Building on January 6 are being held political prisoners even as Antifa/BLM rioters get their charges dropped, the FBI repeatedly lies to the FISA Court, Obama used the criminal justice agencies (which are really criminals) to illegally spy on Donald Trump, impeachment managers doctored evidence in President Trump's impeachment trial, the Secret Service helped Hunter Biden cover up crimes, the ATF looked the other way about Hunter Biden lying on a gun ownership application, the CIA Director stepped down for hiding evidence of Chinese interference in the election, the CIA also traffics drugs into the United States, and the CDC inflated Covid numbers by 1600%. Chris Krebs, former CISA Director, lied under oath when he said the voting machines were not connected to the internet and then later admitted they were. The Supreme Court refused to hear all voter fraud cases and even the Post Office spies in Americans via social media. Government agencies colluded with Big Tech to censor election fraud news and censor Covid information. The United States government hates the United States. Is there any part of the government left that's not corrupt?

    Everybody knows Donald Trump won the election.

    "The whole point of our national security apparatus is to find & defeat threats to our national security. So if the Hunter Biden laptop shows that China bought off Joe Biden & the FBI had the evidence for a year & did nothing…What does that tell you?"
    -Emerald Robinson

  • You could not only own cannons during and after the revolutionary war, you could buy your own privateer full of guns and cannons and pull up to port legally. Just food for thought.

  • Matt Gaetz hasn’t been this nervous since Biden wrote the law that enacted the sex offenders registry

  • okay General… what is wrong with acknowledging American rage?

  • Trump isn’t even taking Rudy’s calls anymore. Now the only way for Rudy to get through is if someone says his name three times in a mirror

  • Matty, see the stripes on this man's sleeve? They were awarded for 6 month clips in combat. The only stripes you've earned are the skidmarks in your panties.

  • Sucks for Giuliani. Now he’s going to have to make money on the side, bottling Uncle Rudy’s Original Skull Syrup

  • Gaetz showed nude photos of women he said he'd slept with to lawmakers

  • As soon as he used the word "offensive" my brain fell asleep … I think I became woke 💤😴

  • The corruption is so deep, it’s horrible. Glad Matt is there fighting the good fight.

  • Kinda funny his name is “Milley” just sayin’

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