YouTube Purges All Copies of President Trump’s CPAC Speech

YouTube has deleted all copies of President Trump’s speech to CPAC given last Sunday in Orlando and has suspended the account of Right Side Broadcasting Network for two weeks

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  • Did you know they worship a golden idol of Trump in Thailand! He's DEMONIC and a golden Dawn member a SATANIST.

  • In trying to understand how this coup has happened its important to remember the ones in power pulling the strings are globalists. They are not nationalists. They do not care about America. They do care about us but not in a positive way. They see most of us as parasites. It's part of what is driving the fear and madness we are seeing in the puppets.

  • I only YouTube to downvote White House Channel.

  • They probably think we'll forget and have right think in TIME😃😃😀😊what's wrong w these nerds?BTW my 36 yr old son said he can't wait to get that shot AND a neural and link..oy vay

  • When can we cancel YouTube??
    Navigating Rumble is a nightmare for me.

  • “YouTube kicked me off for talking about things they don’t like.” Directly proceeds to talk about things YouTube doesn’t like 👍

  • ScrewTube and FascBook can suck eggs through their face diaper.

  • When I was young, if the president spoke the country stopped and listened.

  • Btw rekieta still has trumps speech up…. Go give him some views if u have not seen it yet before its gone!

  • Youtube amazon google facebook twitter are out of control!i never thought id live to see this kind of nonsense!

  • Good thing I recorded it via the cspan. I also downloaded it onto my phone. I still have it!

  • But they can sit there for his whole term and blow smoke about his ass. Hash tag not my president is still fine to say ain't it or am I late to that boat too?

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