What China's Space Ambitions mean to the US with Gordon Chang

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  • If someone keeps mining the moon, then there is a chance, that one day there might be a no moon around Earth. Which will cause more environmental problems then humans have today. For you see the moon is sort like a big asteroid. I know a lot about space science. I also know a lo animal science. I hope no one mines a moon.

  • Reject communism at all cost.

  • It's a good thing that Joe Biden will never be president of the United States of America.

  • Is anyone really surprised by all of this Beijing biden has been bending over to China for decades. And if biden gets sworn in we riot

  • Aerospikes, NERVA engines and what not. America relying on Russia of all people to help them get to space.

    Can we just agree that China is today what Nazi Germany would be if they had won the war or in the very least bring it to a stand off where a truce is declared since it is just too expensive to keep the war going. Essentially an admission of defeat.

    Today, all the Left decries the Nazi but a happy as f*ck to deal with China.

  • They don’t call him Beijing Biden for nothing

  • Biden is nothing but a traitor. If Americans ALLOW that guy to be president you are DONE!

  • Power of freedom seeds

  • The islands China created in the south China Sea need to go!
    They do not belong to China, which is squatting there.

  • Gordon Chang is a jork, he claimed that China collapsed in 2000, now encourage the government to spend more on Mars and Moon, nice work CCP spy


  • Man her facial expressions seem like a robot program, no offense please.

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