Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Is Now Serbia’s No. 1 Traitor

The Worst Acts of Treason in Serbian History

Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Is Now Serbia’s No. 1 Traitor

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) – As the secret committee of the unfortunate State Security Service UDBA came together in the winter of 1983, to project the future members of the Yugoslav Communist Party, the UDBA did not know that Yugoslavia very soon will no longer exist and that the 13 year old candidate Aleksandar Vučić, the projected member, one day will become Serbia`s President and will go down in Serbian history as the greatest traitor. No name conjures images of treachery and betrayal like that of Judas Iscariot, but in Serbia it will be from now on Aleksandar Vučić.

The Yugoslav Wars

The war erupted amidst the breakup of socialist Yugoslavia in 1991, and was most brutal in Bosnia, Croatia and later in Kosovo. The Kosovo War was an armed conflict in Kosovo that started in February 1998 and lasted until 11 June 1999.  In March 1998, Aleksandar Vučić was already appointed Minister of Information of Slobodan Milosević’s authoritarian regime.

NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia

On March 23rd, 1999, NATO began a three month long bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, allegedly to prevent the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.  The Kumanovo Agreement, signed between the International Security Force (KFOR) and the Governments of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Serbia, was an accord concluded on 9 June 1999 in Kumanovo, current North Macedonia.  It resulted in the end of the Kosovo War, and established new basic relations between Yugoslavia and the Kosovo Force, which would act to replace units of the Yugoslav Army, in Kosovo. Kosovo declared independence on 17 February 2008, becoming Europe’s newest state, and it was the culmination of a long and difficult process.

Serbia To Move Embassy To Jerusalem

On Friday, President Donald Trump oversaw the signing of an agreement between Serbia and Kosovo that normalizes economic relations between the two countries. The Belgrade-Pristina deal was signed by their two leaders – Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti – in front of President Trump in the Oval Office, with President Trump describing it as a major breakthrough.

Donald Trump is the master negotiator, as the signing of an agreement between Serbia and Kosovo is a monumental victory for President Trump and America, and Israel, but an absolute disaster for Serbia. The articles of the agreement are a disaster for the Serbian side, and all of this was approved without reservations by Aleksandar Vučić and his team.

The Humiliation of Serbia

In order to be conquered, Serbia must be degraded, either by acts of war, by being overrun, or by being forced into humiliating treaties. However, degradation of Serbia was accomplished much more insidiously and much more effectively by placing Aleksandar Vučić in the highest position of the country by the UDBA. Aleksandar Vučić sold and betrayed Serbia as the agreement signed on Friday at the White House, also includes Israel recognizing Kosovo, and Serbia agreeing to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Nikola Sandulović, President of the Republican party in Serbia, warned against the “kind of chaotic agreement that has always been a threat under this Vučić dictatorship.”

Communist Conquest Over The Stupidity

There is a curve of degradation which leads downward to a point where the endurance of a country like Serbia is almost at end, and any sudden action toward the country will place Serbia in a state of shock. Revolutions in countries like Serbia, do not necessarily erupt at the moment when people are most oppressed, more as the result of rising expectations. Times of progress followed by crushed hopes can be especially dangerous, leading to rage and violence. It is the basic purpose of Aleksandar Vučić to reduce Serbia´s state of mind to a point where it can be sold out. The best approach toward degradation in its stages is the daily Aleksandar Vučić propaganda of “Kosovo is Serbia.” The end thoroughly justifies the means. Aleksandar Vučić has his reward in the nearly unlimited control of populaces, in the uninhibited exercise of passion, and the glory of Communist conquest over the stupidity.


Serbia is a landlocked country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe in the southern Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. It borders Hungary to the north, Romania to the northeast, Bulgaria to the southeast, North Macedonia to the south, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, and Montenegro to the southwest. The country claims a border with Albania through the disputed territory of Kosovo. Serbia’s population numbers approximately seven million without Kosovo or 8.8 million if the territory is included. Its capital, Belgrade, ranks among the largest and oldest citiеs in southeastern Europe.

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