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Breaking News: Günther Fehlinger, Nikola Sandulović, Mehmet Prishtina, and Mihajlo Todić Hold Groundbreaking Press Conference

Press conference brings together prominent figures for discussions on Balkan future

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Leaders Unite for Historic Press Conference

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While, a thoroughly tyrannical and totalitarian dictatorship is being implemented into Serbia by the bloodthirsty tyrant Aleksandar Vučić, the respected President of the NATO Committee in Austria, Günther Fehlinger, Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party Serbia, Mehmet Prishtina, Vice-President of the Republican Party of Kosovo, and Mihajlo Todić, the Vice-President of the Republican Party Serbia, recently held a press conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference has been described as historic and it is hoped that it will contribute to positive discussions on this matter. During the press conference, Günther Fehlinger acknowledged Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party Serbia, as the first Serbian politician to publicly apologize to the Albanian people for war crimes committed during the conflict in Kosovo. This statement has been noted as a significant step towards promoting understanding and reconciliation between the two communities. Günther Fehlinger gave the floor to Mehmet Prishtina, Vice-President of the Republican Party of Kosovo, who spoke fluently in German and provided an explanation of the political situation in the Balkans. This was noted as a valuable contribution to the conference, as it helped to provide context and understanding of the complex issues in the region. Günther Fehlinger then gave the floor to Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party Serbia. This allowed Sandulović to share his perspective on the political situation in Serbia and contribute to the dialogue around the issues discussed during the conference. President Sandulović expressed his gratitude to Günther Fehlinger for his prompt response and support. Sandulović explained that he had been detained by the Serbian BIA at the Horgoš border crossing in Hungary the day before the conference, which had prevented him from attending a meeting with Austrian parliamentarians that afternoon. He thanked Fehlinger for his assistance in resolving the issue and ensuring that he was able to attend the conference. President Nikola Sandulović shared that this was not the first time he had experienced issues with the Serbian Secret police. He explained that a few weeks prior to the conference, he had been detained for 10 hours and questioned by the authorities. These experiences have raised concerns about political freedom and human rights in Serbia, which were among the issues discussed during the conference. Sandulović also stated that he anticipates encountering similar pressure on his return journey to Serbia. He highlighted that his purpose for being at the press conference is to affirm the commitment and persuasion of the Republican Party of Serbia and Kosovo.

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President Sandulović emphasized the agreement between the policies of the two parties. President Sandulović also emphasized that the esteemed President of the NATO Committee in Austria, Günther Fehlinger, has acknowledged this and that they share the same values as him. Sandulović said that it is crucial for Serbia to own up to its political mistakes and accept accountability for them. This entails acknowledging the independence of Kosovo and confessing to the atrocities it perpetrated in the region. Sandulović urged Serbia and Kosovo to jointly join the European Union and NATO. He underlined the reason for his support for Günther Fehlinger’s policies, stating that he believes the entry of the entire region, including Austria, into NATO is not just a political decision but also a security matter that everyone must comprehend given the current situation. Sandulović emphasized that achieving peace in the region is a significant step, and that it’s important to work towards finding solutions that benefit all parties involved. He also mentioned the need to address challenges and issues in the region through peaceful and diplomatic means. Sandulović stated that Serbia and Kosovo should work together towards joining the European Union and that such a step should also result in their joint membership in NATO. Sandulović highlighted that these are the fundamental principles of his political stance, and that they reflect the reality of the situation that everyone is currently facing. He emphasized that he was invited by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, and had visited Pristina as a part of the invitation. Sandulović stated that the fact that he was invited as the leader of the largest opposition party in Serbia against Aleksandar Vučić indicates that Prime Minister Kurti is willing to engage in dialogue with Serbia. Sandulović mentioned that he had held productive discussions with Prime Minister Kurti and members of his government, and that he was convinced that they are willing to take the necessary steps towards a peaceful solution. Sandulović highlighted that his apology to the people of Kosovo for the Prekaz massacre was not only a political act but also a humane one. President Sandulović expressed his belief that such a step should be a logical one in Serbian politics and in the region, given the negative impact of the policies led by Slobodan Milošević in the past. He expressed his regret that there are still members of Slobodan Milošević’s regime in power in Serbia. Sandulović pointed out that individuals such as Aleksandar Vučić, with a violent past, as the member of Milošević’s regime in power, cannot be the one leading the efforts towards peace between Serbs and Kosovo people. Sandulović stated that he does not have excessive confidence in Aleksandar Vučić’s sincerity when it comes to his policy on Kosovo, and that he believes that Vučić is only contributing to further complications in the situation. Sandulović expressed his conviction that in order to prevent the emergence of more dictators in the Balkans such as Milorad Dodik and Aleksandar Vučić who could take countries hostage, the entire region, including Austria, should join NATO. Sandulović expressed his admiration for the efforts of Günther Fehlinger, which he believes are crucial for the prosperity of Austria and the entire region. President Sandulović affirmed that both he and the Republican Party of Serbia are fully supportive of Günther Fehlinger’s initiatives.

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