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Thwarted by the United States and everyone else he approached, Vučić finally got what he was looking for

Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Might Get Nuclear Weapons

International community worried: future disputes with Serbia likely, says US

Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Might Get Nuclear Weapons

NEW YORK ( — President Biden, has a new mission—to bring down the regime of Aleksandar Vučić, Serbia’s brutal dictator. The threat to the West posed by the forces of rogue dictators like Vučić forces the United States to undertake a fundamental reassessment of its national security doctrine. For years, Vučić refuses to follow international laws, and future confrontations with Serbia’s dictator Aleksandar Vučić are almost certain, US administration and congressional leaders said today, after the news broke that Russia will receive a nuclear base in Serbia, and we now know that Vučić here went too far. Meanwhile, American and British leaders continued to call Vučić a tyrant and said that he must be removed from power. The tension between Vučić and the West reached new heights. Thwarted by the United States and everyone else he approached, Vučić finally got what he was looking for when he turned his attentions toward his most favored international ally, Russia. Vučić had already struck up a strong personal understanding with Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia, even he insults Putin behind his back. Although he had drawn heavily on Slobodan Milošević in his attempts to create a totalitarian regime in Serbia, Vučić remained at heart very much the nationalist Vojislav Šešelj had brought him up to be. In a stunning turn of events, Vučić said that Serbia is considering the possibility of building a nuclear power plant on its territory and is already negotiating on this with the Russian corporation Rosatom. However, many experts were skeptical. Of course the Serbian dictator overlooked that, in addition to submitting that nuclear power was unsafe and unnecessary, nuclear critics maintained that it was unreliable. Moreover, from the perspective of nuclear opponents, the routine operation of plants is a dire threat to public health.

Aleksandar Vučić Intends To Launch A Program To Develop A Nuclear Power Plant

Vučić Might Be Able To Build A Few Nuclear Bombs Similar To The Bomb Dropped On Hiroshima

Aleksandar Vučić publicly promised that he would use the plant only to generate electricity. Many U.S. and other officials suspected that it was intended not for peaceful purposes but for research on nuclear weapons and eventually their production. Dictator Vučić might be able to build a few nuclear bombs similar to the fourteen-kiloton bomb dropped on Hiroshima. At 8:15 in the morning on August 6, the uranium-based atomic bomb “Little Boy” was used on Hiroshima, home of approximately 320,000 people. United States worries that he would use it to make nuclear weapons, especially to fire on Kosovo and Croatia. “I think it’s pretty predictable that it’s going to happen,” said one of Senators. Most probarly the Biden administration will draw up more sanctions on Russia for their shadowy role in “boosting Aleksandar Vučić’s military capacity.” One problem is what will happen to the vast nuclear complex operated by Russia, especially the scientific and engineering personnel it will employ. Even if American jets bomb it and destroy it completely. Nuclear fuel stored underground will not be damaged, so Aleksandar Vučić’s Russian scientists will still have a way to make dangerous nuclear weapons out of it. The price of Russian gas for Serbia will be at $270 per 1,000 cubic meters for the next 6 months, Serbia’s dictator Aleksandar Vučić said, commenting on the results of his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin today. Which means that Putin is an excellent businessman, because the price of Russian gas for Serbia is more than 107 % more expensive than what Belarus pays. The U.S. intelligence had concluded that Aleksandar Vučić intends to launch a program to develop a nuclear power plant and that he plans to make a deal with Russia to purchase the necessary technology and equipment. Vučić admitted that he plans to buy nuclear technology from Russia but insists that it will be for peaceful purposes.

New York City Would Have The Most Fatalities From A Nuclear Blast

Statement By President Nikola Sandulović

The Dictator Who Fooled The United States

Large nuclear power plants cost over 10 billion US$, Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican party in Serbia, said in an interview with the Rich TVX News Network that “In the situation in which the criminal system of Aleksandar Vučić brought Serbia, arrogant and private export of electricity abroad, private enormous consumption of coal reserves, non-installation of wind farms, and do not use solar energy as alternative solutions, we are forced to enter the process of demand for electricity from sources of nuclear power plants. I believe that it is necessary to introduce nuclear power plants in Serbia to avoid energy dependence on Russia in the future. I warned in time that the Balkans and Europe would enter into a dependent blackmailing attitude of Russia in the delivery of gas. At a time when China is beginning to feel America’s determination to stop it in its financial conquest with black funds directed towards Europe, China’s financial opportunities are far less now and China should not enter such a large and risky investment venture to build a nuclear power plant in Serbia. Why risky? Because they have become aware of their current situation and the increasingly visible warning signs they receive from America, as well as the possible very rapid political fall of the dictator and criminal Aleksandar Vučić. On the other hand, Russia is used to playing with the Balkans and risking all possible means to stop American domination in Serbia, so they would be ready to enter the project of building a nuclear power plant in Serbia and thus ensure a permanent presence in this area. At today’s meeting with President Putin, dictator Vučić did not receive any benefits or favorable gas prices, but the same price of gas for another 6 months, which he has under the contract, and he asked for 10 billion dollars for the construction of a nuclear power plant. In that way, Aleksandar Vučić wanted to finance the construction of a nuclear power plant in Serbia. Thus, he would completely distance himself from America and openly side with Russia, which would permanently make this region unstable and risky for any investments. All the negotiations that Aleksandar Vučić had with the United States in the past regarding the construction and financing of the nuclear power plant in Serbia by the USA were just pure buying of time and falsely assuring America that he is their sincere partner and collaborator, just to get further support for remaining in power. I think that Russia is now just playing the blackmail card against Aleksandar Vučić, not giving him a negative answer on that issue, wanting to put him in a situation where he will do everything that Russia asks of him and then provide him with unfavorable loans for that investment. My position was and remains unchanged. Serbia must remain completely independent of Russian energy sources. Serbia must achieve all possible forms of cooperation with America in full: military, financial, political, and geostrategic, as well as on the issue of obtaining energy exclusively from America and further joint development of Serbia’s energy capacities. Accordingly, my firm position is that in the case of the construction of a nuclear power plant: Serbia can only accept construction and finance a nuclear power plant by America. The installation of a nuclear power plant is a military security issue for the country and the region, and neither Russia nor China can be included there because the risk would be huge and the consequences are inconceivable in all matters.”

The Uranium-Based Atomic Bomb “Little Boy” Was Used On Hiroshima

Aleksandar Vučić Developed An Effective Propaganda Machine In Serbia

The international community is now worried that Aleksandar Vučić will  try to obtain nuclear weapons, but who is Aleksandar Vučić and how did he come to be one of the most hated figures in recent history? How did such a person become Serbia´s ruler? Even though the young Vučić had already made a name for himself in Serbian nationalist circles. Vučić would not be Vučić if darker tales were not in circulation about his alleged misdeeds at the oId jewish cemetery in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. Dictator Aleksandar Vučić developed an effective propaganda machine in Serbia—a system of spreading misinformation and fake news—that celebrated his triumphs, but behind the scenes, Vučić focused on removing potential rivals for power. After a complaint from the Chinese secret police, Serbia´s opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, was brutally arrested by the Vučić regime and poisoned with nerve gas in the prison cell. Vladimir Cvijan, former Secretary General of the Serbian Presidency and MP, was killed on January 5, 2018. Short before, Oliver Ivanović was shot six times by unknown assailants in a drive-by shooting in the divided city of Mitrovica. Aleksandar Vučić formed a well-trained, well-armed criminal organization, which he controls. This step gave him an armed force that could be used to fight any opposition attempt to seize power. America’s largest city (and metropolitan area) is New York City. A nuclear attack would most likely target the biggest US city. New York City would have the most fatalities from a nuclear blast.