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President Joe Biden made it clear that he regarded Aleksandar Vučić as a dangerous and unstable dictator

The Coming Uprising Against Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić And His Regime

Fear of the dictator Vučić has gone, and now he is alone

The Coming Uprising Against Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić And His Regime

NEW YORK ( – As dictator of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić aimed to ensure his name would be remembered long after his death. In a phone call with Xi Jinping, Aleksandar Vučić proposed that Serbia is ready to take even larger loans from China to build more infrastructure projects in Serbia and that would open new opportunities for economic cooperation. The United States reacted swiftly, as in some dictators’ regimes, there reaches a point when the power abuse becomes so great that the United States is compelled to step in. That point was reached by Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić who´s the only leader of a country under an arrest warrant as of June 8, 2021. President Joe Biden made it clear that he regarded Aleksandar Vučić as a dangerous and unstable dictator, prior to signing an executive order to sanction those who threaten the stability of the Western Balkans on the same day. Behind the scenes, dictator Aleksandar Vučić is ruthless and capable of the most horrific abuses of human rights. But in public, Vučić expects to be loved and admired by his people in Serbia. The most common ploy is the appeal to Serbian patriotism, whereby Aleksandar Vučić tries to equate love of country with devotion to its leader. According to the United States Central Intelligence Agency, the smell of revolution is in the air in Serbia, as the alienated dictator Aleksandar Vučić and the symbols of his rule have no alternative but to rely on the fake ever-untrustworthy Serbian (Vučić) State Media. Serbs are losing faith in the Vučić ideology, but they are still compelled to obey because they fear the regime, and so the only way to get rid of a dictator is to stage a coup and drive him from power, the security experts believe. It is evident that power took a physical toll on the dictator. Vučić ‘s health began to deteriorate and the furious tyrant looks terrible. His underlying desire for revenge made his TV appearances look like pure malice in the last weeks. For the first time in 9 years, Aleksandar Vučić is helpless and has become a lonely dictator.

The United States Reacted Swiftly

Serbia´s Next President Nikola Sandulović

In Serbia, There Is Only One Position That Really Matters—That Of The Dictator Aleksandar Vučić

Vučić congratulated China on the 100th anniversary of the CPC’s founding, and praised its achievements for the Chinese people and the international community. Calling the CPC “a great guarantee of multilateralism in political and economic relations between sovereign states,” Aleksandar Vučić pointed out that China’s transformation has become an inspiration and brought hope far beyond Chinese borders, only this statement shows how pathetic and unsustainable for the United states Aleksandar Vučić has become. Aleksandar Vučić consolidated his power by limiting the freedoms of the Serbian people. Most Serbian government posts are filled by members of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) ruling party or friends of the dictator. The rise of Serbian tyrant Vučić illustrates the devastating consequences that dictators may bring to their own people as well as others. In a brief period of time, Vučić brought death, suffering, and misery to Serbia, which is governed with an iron fist by an uncompromising dictator. Vučić has ruled through force, coercion, and terror. The only real opposition Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, and the political adversary of dictator Aleksandar Vučić, was arrested and poisoned. He hardly survived the arrest. Vučić can do whatever he wants with Serbia. Serbs living in the Vučić dictatorship are subject to the whims of the dictator, for good and for bad. Without a working constitution in Serbia, Vučić chooses who fills Serbian government positions and decides if and when voting is allowed. Vučić decides which acts are crimes and what are the proper punishments. Vučić decides how intrusive the military or the secret police will be in people’s private lives. A Vučić ‘s adherence to his ideology can cause suffering and death. Many in Serbia blame the United States and the CIA for the dictator, others blame Russia and the GRU, but neither can be held responsible because a dictator hates his own people. Opposition rose against Vučić in the last election, but the dictator rigged the election and has remained in power.

Bye Bye Alek

The example of Serbia shows how difficult it can be to transition to democracy. The ousting of the dictator Aleksandar Vučić may leave a power vacuum. A democracy in Serbia needs a strong prodemocracy movement with a committed leader like Nikola Sandulović, or else the international community needs to step in and assist the new democratic Serbian government. Aleksandar Vučić was a former ultranationalist government minister who, in July 1995, threatened to kill 100 Muslim Bosniaks for every Serb killed if the international community intervened to stop the Srebrenica slaughter.The movement to topple Aleksandar Vučić is not hatched in the lair of a subversive cell of rebels, but grows instead right under the dictator’s nose. Moreover, due to the diligence of federal investigators, members of Congress, and investigative journalists, we know that Aleksandar Vučić has been preparing his exile in China, and therefore he is stepping up police harassment, with frequent beatings and arrests. In a stunning display of just how dire the Serbia economic condition has become during the COVID-19 pandemic, Serbian tyrant Aleksandar Vučić recently announced the Serbian central bank intends to boost holdings of the precious metal to 50 tons from 36.3 tons, and released figures on the country’s perilously low gold reserves. In the impoverished Serbia, dictator Aleksandar Vučić established a particularly vicious secret police network shortly after he came to power in 2012. This same vicious secret police network will now ensure that Serbia’s gold reserves disappear overnight.

The Only Real Opposition Serbia´s Next President Nikola Sandulović

President Putin Is Not Responsible For Aleksandar Vučić Hating His Own People

Russia’s Most Glamorous Secret Agent in Serbia

The Russian network is very strong in the Balkans, but the network is always dependent on the players who implement the tasks of Russian group’s espionage in Serbia. A reports and requirements officer is the link between the Agency’s clandestine operations officers and the users of their information in the rest of the intelligence community. The Reports and Requirements staff of the Russian Clandestine Division is responsible for a general awareness of the needs of all the government’s agencies. The relationship between a Russian control officer, or Russian handler, and a spy is difficult and delicate. If there is no rapport the spy may balk or lose motivation. If the Russian handler is too aggressive the spy may worry he is not doing satisfactory work or is incapable of fulfilling the requirements demanded of him, and if you need a legend, you must be going in deep. It’s a sophisticated cover that amounts to an entire artificial life history to fool even determined counterintelligence professionals, as part of a clandestine network that used a series of cold war tactics. Serbia and Russia carried out their biggest spy swap ever. According to our latest information the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation was in Belgrade and he took Dijana Hrkalovic with him to Russia. The CIA believed it was essential to find out how Dijana Hrkalovic had been compromised, and mounted a major counterintelligence effort to determine the cause. No smoking gun emerged but speculation that continues to this day. A broad range of theories emerged, but although many questions are resolved by the available records, others continue to gnaw and remain unanswered. According to the findings that came together, there was no person with the name Dijana Hrkalovic before 10 years ago in Serbia. This means that this person with this name did not exist before at all. No school friends, no school, no past, nothing. If we compare all the video recordings, we see that there are two different people. The same goes for the latest DeepFake videos showing Dijana Hrkalovic in the Beauty Spa. Dijana Hrkalovic’s dynamism and enthusiasm, her wide ranging and passionate work as the state secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, fascinated and captivated the Serbian press. Never before had there been a Russian spy like her in Serbia.